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I Love Teal!

I’ve been working hard on the Quilt lapghan and finally finished it tonight. It’s washing now and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t fall apart lol.

The colors are Dark Teal, Mint, White and Dusty Teal. I chose this pattern because I really wanted to use the Dark teal and mint I had but they are discontinued and I only had half a skein of each. After making this I still have a big ball of Mint and a small ball of the dark teal. I just can’t seem to finish any skeins of yarn this week.

Dosido quilt

I see my camera time stamp is off by a year. I’ll have to set that right away so I don’t forget.

I did take time off of the quilt to do the mystery thread CAL on Crochetville and the mystery product is a doily that after making 2 of them they sewed it into a little purse. It is a very neat thing but I haven’t decided if I’ll do mine into a purse or not yet since I realized today when looking at putting them together I shorted one of the doilies one of the rows. It should have 12 spoke like rows of double crochets and one only has 11 lol so I may just keep them as doilies but here’s what I have. The color is warm teal #3 thread I got at JoAnn’s.

teal doilies

I’ll have to think on that one. The place where I dropped the loop is in the 3rd row so I don’t really know if it’s worth frogging to fix. hehehe Oh well I get lazy sometimes.

I bought some yarn to make Kaila my 4 year old a sweater that I will try to work on in Colorado and I got about 6 skeins of yarn to start my March Charity blitz scarves and hats and will also try some mittens or fingerless gloves to go with the set.

Well I think that about gets me caught up for the time being so I’ll get back to crocheting and check back in later.


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Blanket, Blanket who’s got the blanket?

Last night I finished my 7th bereavement blanket, these are what I’ll be sending at the end of the week. I hope to get 1 or 2 more before Friday but it’s going to be a busy week so this may be it.

      Today I worked on some stitch marker cases. I used a pattern from the crochet pattern a day calendar and got my first disappointment with it. I got to the end of the pattern and they had left out a section of it. Luckily I could google the designer of the pattern and found her pattern on her blog and got the last 4 rows of the pattern. This is the 2 I did today.

marker case

 I think they came out pretty good. It holds up to 20 stitch markers. I’m going to make one of these for each set of stitch markers I’m going to send to crochetville wish lists.

Well that’s it for today, I’ve tried so hard to get rid of 2 more balls of yarn today for my stashbusting score and still didn’t quite get them used up. Maybe tomorrow I can get some points because I’m going to have to buy some yarn for this week.

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So many quilts so little time!

I spent most of yesterday graphing out some quilt blocks to do for my sampler quilt and most of today working on my lapghan quilt for my Grandfather. I was planning on finishing it in Colorado but it’s looking like I may have it done before I go.

 I will have to start working on my Charity Blitz stuff this weekend and most of next week. I’ve only got 6 blankets ready and would really like to send 10 of them but I have to also get ready for a Bathroom remodel in our house and pack for a 10 day trip to Colorado so it will be a busy week. 

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Slowly but surely I’m getting it done!

 Happy Valentines Day Everybody!!!!!!

Hope your day with your loved one is a great one. We’re just having a quiet night at home eating Sloppy Joe’s for dinner lol but we celebrated earlier in the week since it’s so crazy to eat out on this day.

 Well little by little it’s getting there. I just finished putting on the dark purple and limelight green rows on my Trip Around the World.

5th week

I may still try to get the pink on there yet this week but if not I at least got a little more done on it. I’ve still got 4 more rows of repeating pattern colors to finish it then I think I’ll end it with a row of the red and then maybe a row of black. I think it will just end up being a lapghan now since I’m just dying to start making some other quilts I don’t know I’ll just have to  see what the size is after getting the next 4 rows on.

I got my book from Amazon today called 849 Traditional Patchwork Patterns and will start picking out and graphing some squares for my 2 other quilts. I also got my crochet a day calandar with my Amazon order and will have to start making some of the things in it to catch up lol. So much to do and so little time to do it in.

I thought I’d just throw this in here, these are stitch markers I’ve made the ones with shells are for a friend of mine and the Penguin ones are for me (I collect penguins) and the butterfly ones are some of what I’ve made to send to fill some wishes on the Random Acts of Kindness or RAOK for people on Crochetville.

Stitch Markers

That’s it for now have a great Valentine’s day!

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Lots going on around here.

Well I’ve been slowly working on my Trip Around the world quilt and have almost gotten 2 more rows of squares ready to attach to the quilt.  I hope to have them put on and at least half of a 3rd row by the end of the week. I’ve been trying to stay away from the craft stores to keep from buying more yarn. My stash score for the week so far is 4 and I’m trying hard to keep it in the positives for the week.

Things should start to speed up a little after tomorrow. My 4 year old is starting her first day of preschool in the morning and I’ve been running around trying to get all her stuff she’ll need for it. We’re also going to start a big bathroom remodel that my husband will busy himself with while my daughter and I go to Colorado to visit my parents for 10 days, so I’ll have a lot of painting and finishing touches on that when I get home.

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On to the next quilt.

Well I finished the quilt for my Sister in Law today. I really enjoyed it and have already started on my quilt for the Every Happy House Needs …………….  CAL at Crochetville. I’m doing the Do-Si-Do pattern in mint, dark teal, white and dusty teal. This will be for my Grandfather.

Baby set and quilt.

4 Tulips block

As for my stashbusting score…….. not so good I’ve bought 5 skeins of yarn in 2 days and not doing any projects that use up yarn fast so I’m at a -3 for the week and it ends tomorrow at 8pm so I don’t think I’ll get out of the hole before then lol.

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4 Tulips Quilt block baby blanket.

Well for the last 2 days I’ve been working on this quilt block that will be a baby blanket for my sister in law. I still have 2 more rows to put on it and then a border to finish it up. I’m getting excited now that it’s so close to being done. My next quilt after this (besides my trip around the world hehe) is a sampler quilt for our bed and a quilt for my mom for Christmas. I’ve got a book of 849 Traditional Patchwork Patterns  coming from Amazon to pick blocks for my sampler and the one for my Mom will be one I pick from the Happy Yellow House site for the Every house needs a …..    CAL on C’ville I just haven’t picked it out yet.

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Half Hex Snowflake Pattern.

Half Hex for the snowflake afghan

Half Hex snowflake

Ch 2
R1) 4 sc in 2nd ch from hook
R2) ch3 turn (Dc, ch 2, Dc) in next 2 sc, Dc in last st
R3) Ch 3 turn, Dc in same st, (2Dc, ch 3, 2Dc) in next 2 ch 3 sps, 2Dc in last st
R4) Ch 3 turn, 2 Dc in same st, (3 DC, ch 3, 3 DC, ch 1) in next 2 ch 3 sps, 3 DC in last st
R5) Ch 3 turn, 3 DC in same st, (4 DC, ch 2, 4 DC, ch 3) in next 2 ch 3 sps, 4 Dc in last st fasten off
R6) Join new color in the last st, ch 2, hdc, dc in dc’s, (2 dc, trc in ch 1 on prev round, 2 dc) in ch 2 sp, dc, hdc, hdc in next 3 sts (sc, ch 1, sc) in corner, * hdc, hdc, dc to ch 2 sp, (2 DC, Trc, 2 Dc) in ch sp, Dc, hdc, hdc to corner, (sc, ch 1, sc) in corner* repeat from * to * 1 more time.
R7) ch 3 turn, dc in each dc, (dc, ch 3, dc) in corner around
R8) Ch1 turn, sc in each dc, 3 sc in corner around fasten off.

This is my addaption of the snowflake hex block to make it a half block to fill in the gaps in the sides since the original pattern didn’t have one. I didn’t like it with the gaps so I filled the spaces with this half hex. The pattern is here for the snowflake afghan.

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The Stashbusting game.

Ok so at the ‘Ville there is a stash-busting game going on and I joined just to try to keep my stash of yarn from growing out of control lol.


 Anyway so far on my stash-busting score I have -1 for the year to date and +4 for the week. In this game you add 2 points for each skein of yarn used and 1 point for every ball (which is essentially 1/2 a skein) and subtract 2 points for each skein acquired and 1 point for each ball acquired. I’ll never hit high scores with my stash but my goal is to stay in the positive numbers or at least not drop below zero.

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I finally got bit by the blog bug!

 Hi and thanks for stopping in. This is my first attempt at blogging. I finally decided to do it after seeing all the people on Crochetville with one. It sure looks easier to keep a running progress of your WIPS on one so I thought I’d give it a try.

These are my WIP’s so far:

My Trip Around the World at week 4

week 4 TAW

I am also doing some bereavement blankets for a hospital here in Nashville that I’m doing for the February Charityblitz thread in Crochetville. I’ll get pics of what I’ve done up for the Feb Charity blitz before I ship them.

I’ve really gotten excited about these quilts in crochet. I dabbled in quilting a bit but never really got the patience to see one through and I can never make mine look as good as my Husbands grandmother’s quilts, she’s done some beautiful ones I’ll post pics of the ones I have some time. Anyway these really got my attention and I’ve already got many on my list to make.

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