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I Love Teal!

I’ve been working hard on the Quilt lapghan and finally finished it tonight. It’s washing now and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t fall apart lol.

The colors are Dark Teal, Mint, White and Dusty Teal. I chose this pattern because I really wanted to use the Dark teal and mint I had but they are discontinued and I only had half a skein of each. After making this I still have a big ball of Mint and a small ball of the dark teal. I just can’t seem to finish any skeins of yarn this week.

Dosido quilt

I see my camera time stamp is off by a year. I’ll have to set that right away so I don’t forget.

I did take time off of the quilt to do the mystery thread CAL on Crochetville and the mystery product is a doily that after making 2 of them they sewed it into a little purse. It is a very neat thing but I haven’t decided if I’ll do mine into a purse or not yet since I realized today when looking at putting them together I shorted one of the doilies one of the rows. It should have 12 spoke like rows of double crochets and one only has 11 lol so I may just keep them as doilies but here’s what I have. The color is warm teal #3 thread I got at JoAnn’s.

teal doilies

I’ll have to think on that one. The place where I dropped the loop is in the 3rd row so I don’t really know if it’s worth frogging to fix. hehehe Oh well I get lazy sometimes.

I bought some yarn to make Kaila my 4 year old a sweater that I will try to work on in Colorado and I got about 6 skeins of yarn to start my March Charity blitz scarves and hats and will also try some mittens or fingerless gloves to go with the set.

Well I think that about gets me caught up for the time being so I’ll get back to crocheting and check back in later.


February 22, 2007 - Posted by | Crochet

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