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More Squares.

Today I made 3 squares. The top 2 are for another comfortghan for another member on Crochetville who’s child she was trying to adopt died from Heart problems. Always so sad when a child loses their lives.

I really like the top two squares pattern I’m thinking about doing that square for one of my bedspreads. I like that neither color is real overbearing on it. We’ll see. It’s so hard to pick from all the pretty squares out there.

This bottom square is the Daisy square. This is a free pattern but you have to e-mail Krystal for the pattern and all she asks for in return is a square or 2 for her charity afghans she makes with them. 

Click here to send her an  e-mail .  I’ve only gotten one done for her, but I wanted to at least send her one for the pattern. I don’t know when I’ll get around to more but I will try to work up a few more for her on down the road.

It is really worth getting this pattern. I think it’s a real neat square.  As I was working this up today I was amazed at how somebody was able to figure out how to design this square. It isn’t that hard to make and she has great pictures in there to show what she is talking about in the pattern. There are some really tallented people on the ‘Ville.

On my little squares for the Trip around the world quilt I was packing up some yarn to take to the Doctor’s office yesterday and noticed that the yellow I bought to finish out that row is not the same dye color of the ones already done so had to take my red instead. I hate when the “no dye lot colors” don’t match. At least it was a little more understandable this time because I bought it months later and at a different store than the first 2 but I did get a skein once that didn’t match when they were all bought at the same time.

I spent most of yesterday tearing a sweater apart for the yarn. I don’t know what I’ll do with the yarn from it yet it’s pretty thin but I just wanted to mostly see what I’m looking for in a sweater when I get it for the yarn. I took one apart that was apparently made from a knitted fabric and just had little threads almost more woven than knitted when I took it apart.


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Here comes Peter Cottontail or is it Can Pants?!

Well let me say that this year I am in no way ready for Easter. I don’t know what happened. It really snuck up on me. Sure I’ve gotten a few things for Kaila’s Easter basket but otherwise I’m not even near ready. I haven’t even gotten the stuff out of the attic 🙂

We did a really cute thread basket for Easter in the Spring Time Mystery CAL for Beg. Threadies on the ‘Ville. Here’s mine. I haven’t stiffened it yet. I’ll have to do that next week since Kaila wants to give it to her teacher.

(updated picture)

I’ve got a few little figurines to put in it with some Easter grass. It’s suppose to be a little skinnier to fit slightly snug on a coke can, but as many people doing this CAL discovered they all came out in different sizes and so everybody was trying there projects on all different sized cans.

The Can Pants story.

One of the ladies told a funny story about a happy dance she did when she found a can that fit and that her husband called it can pants and so that became what everybody called it on the thread. That story just tickled me to read and is hard to relate it here you’ll just have to read it here yourself but it was a great story and a great pick me up when I needed a good laugh.

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Catching up on the week.

Well I stayed busy with my Trip Around the World most of last week. I got 3 more rows around it and am planning to stop after the next 3 rows around though it’s pretty big. On my queen sized bed and it almost reaches 3 sides of the bed so it may end up on my guest bed.

I started another prayer shawl for an upcoming charity blitz project and to try to use up some yarn since I’m getting deeper and deeper into the negative numbers on my stashbusting score. lol.

Today I signed up for my first swap on Crochetville. I’m very excited. It’s a notions swap and sounds fun. I haven’t tried a swap yet since a lot of them aren’t anything I really need right now  but I can always use notions so it seems a good one to join. I also signed up on some Yahoo swap groups that seem fun.

Not much else going on around here. I’ve been very unmotivated this week. Hopefully it will get better next week 🙂 Keith has been busying himself killing our front lawn so he can reseed, everynow and then the landscaper in him comes out 🙂

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Getting the Summer Itch!

I was going to make a sweater for Kaila but have waited so long that I decided to change it to a Halter Top. I haven’t made many clothes but this was super easy. I used the halter top pattern in the crochet a day calandar.


Kaila loves it. (at least for now lol)

I used the new yarn at Hobby Lobby called “I Love this Yarn” it really is a nice yarn, I hope they keep carrying it and that they start getting more color choices. It feels sort of chenille like to me when it’s worked up. I’d like to use it for a bedspread. I’m going to try an outfit for the Dora doll with it next and see what it looks like.

I’ve started to put 3 of the last 6 rows on my Trip Around the World. I should have them on by the end of the week. I’m also going start on my 5th set of the scarf,hat and gloves for the charity blitz. I need to get some yarn used up after my trip to the thrift store.

 On a side note I wanted to say how honored I am in the way Cara of the Happy Yellow House used my photo. She asked my permission to use my photo on her site of the Do-Si-Do quilt ghan she had designed and I said “of course I would be honored” and boy am I honored she used it for the main photo for the pattern. I thought it would just be in her photo album. I just feel so happy she liked it enough to put it there. Thanks Cara.

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Success at last!!! Yarn!!


               Well I finally had a successful trip to the Thrift store. I never have found yarn in one yet and finally today I found some great yarn that has some labels on it that look like it’s from the 70’s.  I also bought a couple sweaters to try my hand at recycling yarn from them and will try to rip them apart and ball it up next week.

 I also got a Dora doll that I’ve been contemplating getting so I can make some of the wonderful designs Darski from the “ville has made. This is one of the outfits she’s designed, check out all original patterns thread for more by Darski. So there I was standing in the isle looking at the sea of dolls and I thought “I sure wish they had a Dora doll I would get that” and there in front of me was a Dora in good shape with a set of clothes and the backpack for  $4.59 the only bad thing was it wasn’t a half price colored tag but I can live with that. lol.

(Now if I can just keep her from migrating to my Daughters room long enough to make the clothes I’ll be in good shape.)

On the crochet front I have finally gotten enough squares done to add 3 more rows to my Trip Around the World,  YAY!  I hope to do that this week maybe Monday will be a good day for it. I will only have to do 3 mores rows to be finished with it after doing these 3 rows.

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I’ve not been very productive this week.

So far I haven’t really done much this week.  Kaila is on a 2 week spring break with school so we’ve just lazed around the house most of the week.

My squares made it safely to Krystal16 for the comfortghan so that was good news. I can’t wait to see the finished ghan it is going to be HUGE!!

I finished another scarf set yesterday so that makes 4 total for the March charity blitz. Hopefully I will get one more set done yet this month. These are the ones I have so far.


I worked on my thread snowflakes and did a little house cleaning today.  I got 4 done today. My ball of thread seems never ending. I’ve had it for many years when I first started making snowflakes and tried my hand at making a tablecloth from it. I got about 8 squares for a tablecloth done before putting it down and now when I did another one all these years later it’s bigger than the others so I might just have to figure out something else to do with those squares or frog them and reclaim the thread from them.

I still need to block and stiffen them but I’m going to wait till I have a few more. These little suckers take a lot of pins to block them with all these little picots and such on them lol.

I’m trying to decide on what I’ll do for bedspreads. I had started the Trip Around the World for a bedspread but now I think it’ll be a throw, so I’m thinking about doing a ripple for the winter spread and some granny squares in thread for the summer spread. I still want to do a sampler quilt for the bed too so What to do. lol.

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Squares for a sad situation.

I was terribly saddened at some news of a fellow C’Viller who lost her husband unexpectedly on Friday. A thread to collect 8 inch squares for a comfortghans for her and her 2 daughters was organized quickly thanks to Krystal16 and lots of people are sending in squares. These are the 4 squares I’m donating to the cause.

 This is Jessi’s blog and you can check on the progress of the comfortghans here.  I know I would be devasted if this happened to me, my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her 2 daughters.

I will be starting on another scarf set for the March blitz tomorrow after all the running around I need to do. I still haven’t gotten any food in the house since being gone so I need to restock big time. At least I have a good start on marches blitz.  These scarves, hats and mittens are going to Freedom Village.

U.S. Office:
Freedom Village USA
P.O. Box 24
Lakemont, NY 14857

1 – 800 – VICTORY

Canadian Office:
Freedom Village Canada
P.O. Box 1178
Burlington, ON L7R 4L8

1 – 877 – 726 – 5558

Feel free to send them some scarf sets and let them know they are for Christmas presents for these teens so they’ll have a nice present to open come Christmas.

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Finally a Vacation.


 I’m finally back from my trip to Colorado Springs to visit my parents and my Grandfather. I delivered my lapghan quilt to my Grandpa but forgot to take a picture with him and the quilt so I’m going to see if my Mom can send me one to put up here. We got a good snow storm on the 28th of Feb so my Daughter got to do some real sledding for the first time in her life and she had a ball. I went to the casino’s in Cripple Creek and came out 2 dollars ahead for the 2 days I went.


Meanwhile back at home my hubby was tearing out our main bathroom for a remodel. This was the project we decided to do while I was away so that Kaila wouldn’t be in the way while he was demolishing the room and then tiling the walls around the shower (It also keeps him busy while we’re gone so he isn’t so lonely lol). We had some trouble with it when the tile we ordered didn’t come in as promised after 2 weeks and he had to pick out some other tile while I was gone but all in all it looks good so far. Now that we’ve gotten this far we’re reconsidering what to do with the vanity and the mirror and then we have to paint but after being in this house for almost 13 years we won’t have any more major renovations to do.

On the Crochet front.

While in Colorado I did manage to get some crocheting done. I made a crochet version of a nanduti which is a weaved spider-web lace that women in Paraguay make. This was used in the World Day of Prayer ceremony that my Mom was doing. It took me a few days to make and she got lots of comments on it. I didn’t get it blocked and stiffened but it worked out fine anyway.


You can read about the World Day of Prayer and see what the Nantuti looks like here. I made this with a doily pattern book and just did the centers on the doilies we liked till it reached the size we needed using #10 thread and a #1 steel hook.

 I also got another scarf, hat and fingerless mitts done and a shawl for the charity blitzes and a bunch of squares for my Trip Around the World quilt so now I need to get to work sewing them on lol. I also got my Mom started on a prayer shawl she wanted to make for the Prayer Shawl ministry for her Women’s church group.

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