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In my World of Crochet.

I’ve not been very productive this week.

So far I haven’t really done much this week.  Kaila is on a 2 week spring break with school so we’ve just lazed around the house most of the week.

My squares made it safely to Krystal16 for the comfortghan so that was good news. I can’t wait to see the finished ghan it is going to be HUGE!!

I finished another scarf set yesterday so that makes 4 total for the March charity blitz. Hopefully I will get one more set done yet this month. These are the ones I have so far.


I worked on my thread snowflakes and did a little house cleaning today.  I got 4 done today. My ball of thread seems never ending. I’ve had it for many years when I first started making snowflakes and tried my hand at making a tablecloth from it. I got about 8 squares for a tablecloth done before putting it down and now when I did another one all these years later it’s bigger than the others so I might just have to figure out something else to do with those squares or frog them and reclaim the thread from them.

I still need to block and stiffen them but I’m going to wait till I have a few more. These little suckers take a lot of pins to block them with all these little picots and such on them lol.

I’m trying to decide on what I’ll do for bedspreads. I had started the Trip Around the World for a bedspread but now I think it’ll be a throw, so I’m thinking about doing a ripple for the winter spread and some granny squares in thread for the summer spread. I still want to do a sampler quilt for the bed too so What to do. lol.


March 15, 2007 - Posted by | Crochet

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