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Success at last!!! Yarn!!


               Well I finally had a successful trip to the Thrift store. I never have found yarn in one yet and finally today I found some great yarn that has some labels on it that look like it’s from the 70’s.  I also bought a couple sweaters to try my hand at recycling yarn from them and will try to rip them apart and ball it up next week.

 I also got a Dora doll that I’ve been contemplating getting so I can make some of the wonderful designs Darski from the “ville has made. This is one of the outfits she’s designed, check out all original patterns thread for more by Darski. So there I was standing in the isle looking at the sea of dolls and I thought “I sure wish they had a Dora doll I would get that” and there in front of me was a Dora in good shape with a set of clothes and the backpack for  $4.59 the only bad thing was it wasn’t a half price colored tag but I can live with that. lol.

(Now if I can just keep her from migrating to my Daughters room long enough to make the clothes I’ll be in good shape.)

On the crochet front I have finally gotten enough squares done to add 3 more rows to my Trip Around the World,  YAY!  I hope to do that this week maybe Monday will be a good day for it. I will only have to do 3 mores rows to be finished with it after doing these 3 rows.


March 17, 2007 - Posted by | Crochet

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