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Miss Dottie.

Today our last furrbaby passed away. We’ve had her for 10 or 11 years and she all of a sudden got real sick. We brought her in the night before and gave her lots of loving. I’m glad she went peacefully in her sleep, we were going to have to have her put to sleep and I just can’t deal with making that decision or the thought of her being afraid in her last moments. We had to put down our Doberman a few years ago and I still am bothered with the thought of him being alone and scared. Anyway we buried her at home and will eventually have Kaila make a little stepping stone memorial for her to mark her grave.

Bye Miss Dottie. We will miss your love.


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Caution may need sunglasses for this one.

Ok, boy time has flown by again. I finally pinned down what I’m going to do for my MIL. I saw this ripple on crochetville and just had to try this coloring technique so I decided to do it in granny squares for a bedspread for my MIL.

Here it is so far. I’ve got 3 squares done, I think it will end up about 3 across and 5 down.

 This is done with 4 colors Caron Simply Soft using a J hook and double strands of 2 rows of yellow, 2 rows of 1 yellow and 1 orange, 2 rows of orange, 2 rows of 1 orange and 1 pink, 2 rows of pink, 2 rows of 1 pink and 1 purple and just 1 row of purple since they get joined and make 2 rows then.


 I’m really loving this square. It is real bright and I would like to do this for something for myself but maybe with different colors or some like this mixed with some of a darker color. I may have to break it into 2 throws if my MIL thinks it’s too heavy. She didn’t want a quilt because it feels too heavy on her sleeping and this might end up the weight of a quilt we’ll see. At least if I have to do that I’ll get a throw out of it for myself hehehe.

This is an updated picture of the bedspread as of 5/8/07

 This is Kaila’s “sun” ripple I’ve been working on. It’s the color inspiration for the bedspread above. I added only 1 row of red then finished it off.


I haven’t done anything on the spiderman ripple, I’ve been so busy with all these other projects but it doesn’t need to be done till November so I’ve got plenty time for it.

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This weekends quandry: Crocs.

It’s been a long, cold and wet weekend. I think it even snowed a little this morning though I didn’t see it myself I just over heard somebody asking somebody else if they saw it this morning. So I guess there might have been a little. It sure felt cold enough to.

We spent the weekend on a quest for those Croc shoes. I’ve looked at them and debated on them and just couldn’t decide on whether I wanted to get some for me or Kaila (I’m a big procrastinator) and then on Friday we spent the day at a friends house and her daughter has 2 pair which has sparked my daughter into wanting some, so after more thinking (and no success on finding a pair of the knock offs I liked) I came home and talked to Keith about them  and we decided to go shopping, plus he wanted to buy a new pair of shoes for himself, so we went to the Opry Mills mall which was packed like it was Christmas time.

 After walking the whole mall we found a pair of Crocs for Kaila and Keith got some loafers but I still couldn’t find any for me. Either I found a color I liked and they didn’t have my size or they had my size but not in a color I like (I guess I have a popular size foot or something. lol) At any rate I’m having a terrible time finding a size that’s comfortable. The smallest adult size is too big and the largest kids size is almost too small. I guess I’ll just have to keep looking.

 On the crochet front

I’ve made 2 more squares for a comfortghan but I forgot to get a picture of them before I packed them up for shipping.

I got the orange on Kaila’s “sun” round ripple and am waiting on getting some time to add the pink. She says she wants LOTS of pink and wants the round ripple as big as the black one I made.

I’ve started a pansy doily for my Mom and am trying to figure out what block pattern to use for a bedspread for my MIL for Mother’s day. I don’t know if I can get the bedspread done by Mother’s day but I’ll try.

We got assigned our partners in the Notions swap today and I look forward to getting to know her and swapping notions. I can’t say what I might get her in case she’s peeking on here lol. 🙂

Well it’s late and I need to go to bed. I’ll catch ya another time.

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On the Ripple Roll!

Well I’ve been fighting the urge to do a Ripple afghan but I finally gave in since I wanted to do one for a bathroom rug. In just 2 days I did 2 round ripples for the bathroom and started one for Kaila’s room and a spiderman round ripple for a Christmas present for a Nephew.

Here are the ones for the bathroom.

 My bathroom is still in an unfinished state but Keith got the railing that he is going to make a vanity out of the other day so I guess now I’ll have to get some paint and get that done so he can build and install it.

I still need to get some non-skid stuff to put on the backs of all the rugs, I hope to get some today along with having to get some more yarn :).

I’ll get pictures of the other 2 round ripples when I get a little more done on them.

4 more comfortghan squares..

These I made for a young lady that was in a bad car wreck. She is a cousin to a lady on the ‘Ville.

I wish I knew what kind of yarn this is. I really like it. It came in little balls in some of the stuff a lady gave me for charity work. I really love the colors and I used up the last of it on these.  I’m sure it’s something that’s been discontinued for a long time lol.

I got a few little black squares done for the TAW and will try to start putting the squares on the ‘ghan.

 I’ve picked my colors for the calliope quilt that is next in the offing, the colors are going to be pale plum, dark orchid, dusty teal and either country rose or medium purple I haven’t decided on that yet.

 I need to start on my Mom’s mothers day gift. I can’t write here what it will be since she MIGHT actually get on here and read this blog one day 🙂 but I’ll put a pic up of it after Mother’s day.

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8 Inch 9 patch granny square.


                                     9 Patch square.

 Pattern for my 8 inch 9 Patch square.

 (Somebody asked me if there was a pattern for this block and I haven’t seen one online so I thought I’d write the way I made it here.)

I used Caron SS and a H hook on this one and it makes a 2″ square motif. Any yarn or hook can be used, size will vary but this can be made any size you want.

With your choice of colors make 9

2″ squares motifs

Rd 1: ch 4 sl st in first ch to make a ring.

Rd 2: ch 3, (2 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) *ch 1 (3dc, ch 1, 3 dc)* repeat * to * 2 more times in ring. (12 dc)

Rd 3: ch 3, turn, 2dc in same sp. (ch 1,3dc, ch 1, 3 dc) twice, ch 1, 3 dc, hdc into 3rd ch of beggining chain. Fasten off.

Whipstitch or sc the 9 squares together in 3 rows of 3 in any color combination you want to use.


Dc around (2dc, ch1, 2dc) in corners. Join in 3rd ch, Fasten off and weave in ends.

sc, hdc or trc can be used in the last round to get desired size.

copyright Heather Seger-2007

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Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter!!!

I hope everybody had a fun day. We hunted eggs early and then after a big breakfast at IHOP we took a to go breakfast to my MIL at the nursing home and sat and had a long visit with her.

Here’s Kaila with her first found egg. We had to hunt for eggs inside today since it was 37 degrees outside when we got up.  The Easter Bunny was pretty good to her as you can see.

I tried to be real good and not go crazy with the candy. (I eat more of it then Kaila does) 😮  This year we didn’t get to the 1 or 2 public egg hunts we normally do. Easter  just snuck up on me this year and I wasn’t really prepared to do any of them.

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Gearing up for Easter.

Well today we colored the eggs and put the candy in the plastic eggs for tomorrows big hunt. I had bought this egg spinner last year after Easter on clearance and thought we’d try it this year.

You put the egg in there and put a few drops of the coloring on it and then push on the top of it and it spins the egg around in it and colors it. It works pretty good and made some marbled looking eggs.

The dyes out there now a days don’t seem as vibrant as they were in my day but I love the brightness of these. Now just to figure out what kind of dyes to use in it next year lol.

On the crochet front, I made a watch hat and a headband for the Operation Toasty Toes charity and started on a second headband and still can’t use up these 2 balls of yarn. It seems they are another of those never ending balls which usually is a good thing unless you WANT to get rid of it lol. 

I’m going to start a round ripple finally, in black and off white next week and I might have to do a spiderman web round ripple for my nephew for Christmas this year and if it works out I might even try one for Kaila’s room as a rug we’ll have to see. They seem to work up pretty quickly.

On my Trip Around the World I got all the yellow and red squares made for the last 2 rows and just need to make the black ones and get them all attached and it will be done! Then back to making small squares for a different quilt or 2 hahaha.

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Baby it’s cold outside!!

Well we’ve gone from very warm 80’s to now possibly 23 degrees tonight with highs only in the 50’s. Brrrrrr! Even had to turn the furnace back on today.

I finished my rug but not sure if it will go in the bathroom lol. It is a perfect length and everything for the sink but the bathroom door won’t go over it and you would shove it under the sink every-time you opened and closed the door. Sooooo it might end up in the kitchen. It is in need of blocking or something it’s kind of wiggly

I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. lol. It might even end up a bed for the dog when she comes in the house. At least I finally did an afghan stitch on something. 🙂

Today I made these 3 squares for another comfortghan at the ‘Ville.


This Ghan is for a soldier injured by an IAD in Iraq. He is the husband of a lady on the ‘Villes cousin. I may think going into Iraq was a big mistake, but I fully support and admire the Men and Women over there putting their lives on the line.

 This month in the Charity Blitz is Operation Toasty Toes which is things for the service Men and Women and so far I have a pair of fingerless gloves and a pair of slippers for them so far. There is a contest going on for us on the blitz for the 3 people that make the most for the cause. I probably don’t have a chance at it since they want certain colors for everything but the slippers and I don’t have ANY of the colors except a little black. Even with all that yarn given me for charity use. Can you believe it?  Soooo I’ll probably have to buy a couple skeins of the colors needed and that will probably be my limit on this months charity. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll put up a pic of all I make at the end of the month.

On my Trip around the world I finished making all the yellow squares and am only needing 26 more of the red then all that’s left is the black and putting them on the quilt and I’m going to call it good lol. I am so ready to get started on some other quilts. I’m still going to do the Calliope quilt from Happy Yellow House and then I want to start work on 2 of my own designs that I’ve been chomping at the bit to get started on.

Well I guess I better call it a night. I’ve got a big day ahead of me tomorrow.

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Such generous people.

Well I picked up another offer of free yarn from a lady on Freecycle today. She gave me a wonderful pile of Red Heart SS in beautiful colors that will make great charity items. I had put an ad on NashvilleFreeCycle for yarn for my charity blitz items and got 2 offers. I was so gratefull to get this it will really help me to do more stuff for charity. Now I really must get to work on some stuff.

I’m getting close to finishing one of the Bathroom rugs I’ve decided to make for our new Bathroom. The Bathroom is nowhere close to being done yet but we have decided to do black accents so I’m making a solid black rug with the Tunisian crochet for in front of the sink and then I will do a round or star rug in black and off white for in front of the tub and toilet. Keith is going to try to design a vanity from decrotive railings and build a medicine cabinet. We are also wanting to try to make bath accessories out of the same stuff so it all matches.  I’ll get some before and after pics up after I see what kind of photos he got on the film camera.

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