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In my World of Crochet.

Here’s Max!!!

It’s now been a week since Max came to live with us and he is really becoming comfortable with us. ūüôā He’s playing and running happily around the house now and even sleeping in the bed with Kaila every now and then even with the constant pestering she gives him.¬†

On the crochet front I did manage to get quite a bit done even with a cat sitting on my desk and chasing my yarn lol.

I got 3 snowflakes done yesterday. I still need to stiffen them but at least I’m now at 20 out of 156 made.

I finished my Mom’s green blended afghan. I still have to get all the ends weaved in and then I’ll mail it since my Dad can’t come to visit in June like planned.

and I finished up one lapghan for the Charity Blitz bless a Vet this month and got a few more rounds on my blended round ripple.

I also¬†got¬†3 more squares made¬†to add to my MIL’s bedspread. I just need to weave in the ends join them and put a border around 3 sides of the strip so I can sew it on at her place though now she says a few stitches on the border is coming undone so I’ll have to look at that when I go over there.


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The Sky Crochet Along.

Well Julie on the ‘Ville had to start another CAL and so she started one called Look! up in¬†the sky!

For this one we are suppose to work only on our WIP’s and not start any new ones. Well right out the gate to start this CAL I just¬†HAD to start 2 WIP’s just to have some to do. hehehe.

My list to start with was:

2 Lapghans for the Charity Blitz. (Cluster of stars quilt and Calliope quilt)

A round ripple blended colors.

My oldest WIP of a thread snowflake a week.

and my Spiderman Round Ripple.

Soooo since the snowflakes and the Charity Blitz are on going year long projects and will never end I just HAD to start 2 others to give me something to do so…..

I started a Poncho from Patterns by Dot

and a Penguin cuddle designed by Cara of the Happy Yellow House.

¬†Of course my Charity Blitz changes each month too and sometimes it won’t be long projects like June is baby things so it will be lots of quick easy things. (at least it’s a little excuse to start some new projects lol).

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A New Furrbaby.

This morning after dropping Kaila off for her last day of school. (So sad since she really loves going) Keith called me to come by his work. They had found a kitten hiding clinging to the side of a tire in a wheel well in one of the cars at the shop. Since our dog had died we had been debating on when and what the new pet would be and here I guess he is.

I’ll have to work on getting some good pictures of him, right now he just won’t sit still long enough for any good ones. I took him to the vet this afternoon and he is about 6 1/2 to 7 weeks old. ( I guessed between 6 and 8 weeks hehe) and they call cats with his markings a Siamese point tabby. I’ll have to search more on that name but I thought at first glance of him that he was a Siamese. We haven’t thought up a name yet I think we’ll take a few days to see his personality first. Some of Kaila’s ideas are Ballo, Scooby Doo, Shaggy and Fredy. Hmmm wonder if she likes Scooby Doo haha. Ballo is a name she has for an imaginary friend and have no clue how it would be spelled.

¬†I finished painting the hallway today. I had Kaila helping me yesterday. I let her paint in the pantry so she couldn’t make a mess on anything that shouldn’t get painted haha. She did a pretty good job. I should have taken a picture of it but forgot. Now I just have the bathroom to paint.

On the crochet front.

¬†I have almost finished my Mom’s mothers day afghan I just need to get a little more dk. sage to finish it up. I’m going to be sending it back with my Dad in June when he comes to visit. He is going to be bringing me 2 boxes and a trash bag of yarn my Mom has been collecting in garage sales for charity stuff so I need to get to work on clearing some yarn out to make space. LOL.

I now will need to make some cat toys. I figure this will be the perfect thing to use my mystery ball of misc. yarn pieces on . I did make a mat for him to sleep on¬† out of a ball of rug yarn I didn’t know what I would use it for so that worked out great.

I’ve been making squares for lapghans for the Charity Blitz. It’s bless a Vet this month so I am trying to get at least 2 lapghans together to give a Vet. I already blessed my Grandfather with one in Feb. so I counted him as one of my Vets.

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My Stashbusting.

Well today I stopped by Hobby Lobby on my way home from dropping Kaila at school and found some really good Clearance yarn. They had some Lion Brand Chenille for .69 so I bought all they had at that price but they had a bunch more that hadn’t been marked all the way down yet so after I picked Kaila up this afternoon I went back in Hobby Lobby and asked the woman in the yarn department and she marked all the rest down so I bought it too. I ended up with 43 skeins of a couple of colors and now have to think of a way to use it up. LOL. i had wanted to make a bedspread with chenille but couldn’t do it at 6.94 a skein so maybe I’ll hunt for a pattern I like and do that.

My Mom has also been finding yarn in Garage sales in Colorado and is sending me 2 boxes and a trashbag full so that will add to my score. I think I’ll never get it all used up.

It’s funny cause I joined the stashbusting game to try not to get more than I can store but now I have probably 3 times has much as I started with and can’t stop getting more. At least most of it is for doing Charity stuff so I will be making LOTS of charity stuff in the future.

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Happy Mothers Day!!!

We had a pretty nice lazy day today. We spent a few hours at the MIL’s and gave her the bedspread I had made. She loved it and says she gets lots of compliments on it. She says it’s the 1st thing¬†people notice when they come in the room lol. Course with the brightness of the colors it would be real hard not to notice it when they walk in the room. LOL

 I may have to go ahead and make 3 more squares for it. She said it was maybe a litttle short after sleeping under it.

We took a walk on the Greenway then went to one of my favorite restaraunts Demos’¬†for dinner.

We are all waiting to see if my SIL will become a Mommy today. She’s been having contractions for a few days, maybe today will be the day.

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Not much new.

Well time has passed with not much new to say.

We switched from Directv to Dish network¬†today and so far it’s great. I can finally change channels in the family room. Before we had 3 rooms running off the one box in our bedroom and I would have to go to the bedroom to change channels all the time and our sound would blink out and the boxes would turn off and turn back on to another channel. It was so annoying to¬†have to¬†walk to the other end of the house to fix it all the time. The only thing I’m not liking is I can’t find the sprout channel that Kaila loves, that will really suck if they don’t have it or don’t get it soon. Anyway I really like it.

I’ve gotten to 9 squares done on my MIL bedspread and a 10th square made. I think I might have to stop at 12 and extend it as needed on the ends for 2 reasons, 1 this thing is really eating through yarn I’m already 16 skeins into it and really can’t afford much more of it and 2 times running out lol. My mom’s won’t be done in time probably but I have to mail it anyway so I think if I can get it in the mail before the end of the month that would be ok. as I’ve mentioned before she’s use to getting things late from me anyways since I always wait till the last moment to make something that is time consuming. I am going to do the same design for my Mom as my MIL’s bedspread but in 3 shades of green and it will only be a throw she makes quilts and probably doesn’t even need a throw but she probably will find a use for it.

I got one square for my Calliope quilt done.

¬†Not sure on the colors so I’m going to live with it for awhile and ponder if I want to make any changes on that or not. Any suggestions are alway welcome lol.

On the Charity blitz¬† for April I only got 5 things ready and I forgot to take a photo of it. I got a watch cap, 2 headbands, a pair of fingerless gloves and a pair of slippers. Now for the May blitz it’s bless a vet so I’ve already made a lapghan I gifted to my Grandfather who is a WWII vet and will make another lapghan or 2 for any vets I can find at the nursing home my MIL lives in.

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The Trip Around the World; It’s finally done!!!!!

It’s done, It’s done, It’s done!!! It’s only been 4 months and I didn’t even work on it constantly but I’m so brain dead from it that it feels like 4 years. ¬†I’m so glad to be done. On my last square I ran out of the black with just one dc stitch to go. haha. Luckily I didn’t need all I had in the little ball I was using to join them to the quilt with and could just eek out one more stitch.

I’m leaving the option open to add another row of black on down the road if I decide to. I want to make the black row thicker looking, I kind of think I’d like it with 2 rows of black better¬†but I’m putting it down for now.

This is taken with it on a queen sized bed so I’m hoping¬†it will cover the top of my full size bed in the quest room. I can’t test it in there right now cause my bed is still full of my pantry items¬† from redoing the bathroom.

I’ve started my Calliope quilt from the Happy Yellow House. Not sure about the colors I’ve chosen yet but I only have 2 rows done so I’m going to at least do a full block and if I don’t like it I’ll just use it in a sampler quilt or something and start my Calliope over with different colors.

¬†I’ve got 8 full squares¬†and¬†3/4 of my 9th square of the 15¬†squares for my MIL’s bedspread. I’ve run out of the pink again. Boy it really eats through the pink on this I will probably have to use 4 more skeins of just the pink to finish it. I hope the rest of the colors last to the end.

This would be a great stash busting project. Too bad I don’t have blending colors in my stash. ūüôā

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