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Not much new.

Well time has passed with not much new to say.

We switched from Directv to Dish network today and so far it’s great. I can finally change channels in the family room. Before we had 3 rooms running off the one box in our bedroom and I would have to go to the bedroom to change channels all the time and our sound would blink out and the boxes would turn off and turn back on to another channel. It was so annoying to have to walk to the other end of the house to fix it all the time. The only thing I’m not liking is I can’t find the sprout channel that Kaila loves, that will really suck if they don’t have it or don’t get it soon. Anyway I really like it.

I’ve gotten to 9 squares done on my MIL bedspread and a 10th square made. I think I might have to stop at 12 and extend it as needed on the ends for 2 reasons, 1 this thing is really eating through yarn I’m already 16 skeins into it and really can’t afford much more of it and 2 times running out lol. My mom’s won’t be done in time probably but I have to mail it anyway so I think if I can get it in the mail before the end of the month that would be ok. as I’ve mentioned before she’s use to getting things late from me anyways since I always wait till the last moment to make something that is time consuming. I am going to do the same design for my Mom as my MIL’s bedspread but in 3 shades of green and it will only be a throw she makes quilts and probably doesn’t even need a throw but she probably will find a use for it.

I got one square for my Calliope quilt done.

 Not sure on the colors so I’m going to live with it for awhile and ponder if I want to make any changes on that or not. Any suggestions are alway welcome lol.

On the Charity blitz  for April I only got 5 things ready and I forgot to take a photo of it. I got a watch cap, 2 headbands, a pair of fingerless gloves and a pair of slippers. Now for the May blitz it’s bless a vet so I’ve already made a lapghan I gifted to my Grandfather who is a WWII vet and will make another lapghan or 2 for any vets I can find at the nursing home my MIL lives in.


May 5, 2007 - Posted by | Crochet, Family


  1. Hi Heather,

    my name is Annie, and I was looking for the picture of your Wedding Cake that you crochet back in 2006. And my question is can you tell me were I can buy the pattern or is there a free pattern of a crocheted wedding cake floating aroung out there or do you make them and sale them if so I will but one my daughter is getting married and wants one for a keepsake. Please help me she is driving me crazy.

    Comment by Annie | June 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. I haven’t done a wedding cake yet. I have seen a pattern for one in the crochet pattern a day calandar but can’t find the pattern online. Crochetville also has an ad on it that has patterns for cakes or you could just do a google on crocheted food.

    Comment by Heather | June 14, 2007 | Reply

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