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My Stashbusting.

Well today I stopped by Hobby Lobby on my way home from dropping Kaila at school and found some really good Clearance yarn. They had some Lion Brand Chenille for .69 so I bought all they had at that price but they had a bunch more that hadn’t been marked all the way down yet so after I picked Kaila up this afternoon I went back in Hobby Lobby and asked the woman in the yarn department and she marked all the rest down so I bought it too. I ended up with 43 skeins of a couple of colors and now have to think of a way to use it up. LOL. i had wanted to make a bedspread with chenille but couldn’t do it at 6.94 a skein so maybe I’ll hunt for a pattern I like and do that.

My Mom has also been finding yarn in Garage sales in Colorado and is sending me 2 boxes and a trashbag full so that will add to my score. I think I’ll never get it all used up.

It’s funny cause I joined the stashbusting game to try not to get more than I can store but now I have probably 3 times has much as I started with and can’t stop getting more. At least most of it is for doing Charity stuff so I will be making LOTS of charity stuff in the future.


May 15, 2007 - Posted by | Crochet

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