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A New Furrbaby.

This morning after dropping Kaila off for her last day of school. (So sad since she really loves going) Keith called me to come by his work. They had found a kitten hiding clinging to the side of a tire in a wheel well in one of the cars at the shop. Since our dog had died we had been debating on when and what the new pet would be and here I guess he is.

I’ll have to work on getting some good pictures of him, right now he just won’t sit still long enough for any good ones. I took him to the vet this afternoon and he is about 6 1/2 to 7 weeks old. ( I guessed between 6 and 8 weeks hehe) and they call cats with his markings a Siamese point tabby. I’ll have to search more on that name but I thought at first glance of him that he was a Siamese. We haven’t thought up a name yet I think we’ll take a few days to see his personality first. Some of Kaila’s ideas are Ballo, Scooby Doo, Shaggy and Fredy. Hmmm wonder if she likes Scooby Doo haha. Ballo is a name she has for an imaginary friend and have no clue how it would be spelled.

 I finished painting the hallway today. I had Kaila helping me yesterday. I let her paint in the pantry so she couldn’t make a mess on anything that shouldn’t get painted haha. She did a pretty good job. I should have taken a picture of it but forgot. Now I just have the bathroom to paint.

On the crochet front.

 I have almost finished my Mom’s mothers day afghan I just need to get a little more dk. sage to finish it up. I’m going to be sending it back with my Dad in June when he comes to visit. He is going to be bringing me 2 boxes and a trash bag of yarn my Mom has been collecting in garage sales for charity stuff so I need to get to work on clearing some yarn out to make space. LOL.

I now will need to make some cat toys. I figure this will be the perfect thing to use my mystery ball of misc. yarn pieces on . I did make a mat for him to sleep on  out of a ball of rug yarn I didn’t know what I would use it for so that worked out great.

I’ve been making squares for lapghans for the Charity Blitz. It’s bless a Vet this month so I am trying to get at least 2 lapghans together to give a Vet. I already blessed my Grandfather with one in Feb. so I counted him as one of my Vets.


May 17, 2007 - Posted by | Crochet, Family

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