On my hook

In my World of Crochet.

Here’s Max!!!

It’s now been a week since Max came to live with us and he is really becoming comfortable with us. 🙂 He’s playing and running happily around the house now and even sleeping in the bed with Kaila every now and then even with the constant pestering she gives him. 

On the crochet front I did manage to get quite a bit done even with a cat sitting on my desk and chasing my yarn lol.

I got 3 snowflakes done yesterday. I still need to stiffen them but at least I’m now at 20 out of 156 made.

I finished my Mom’s green blended afghan. I still have to get all the ends weaved in and then I’ll mail it since my Dad can’t come to visit in June like planned.

and I finished up one lapghan for the Charity Blitz bless a Vet this month and got a few more rounds on my blended round ripple.

I also got 3 more squares made to add to my MIL’s bedspread. I just need to weave in the ends join them and put a border around 3 sides of the strip so I can sew it on at her place though now she says a few stitches on the border is coming undone so I’ll have to look at that when I go over there.


May 24, 2007 - Posted by | Crochet, Family

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