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Wow it’s been a long time!

Well it’s been real busy around here and I’ve hardly gotten any crocheting done. We’ve built a storage building in the backyard so we can move my Mother in Law’s stuff out of a storage unit.

Then been shuttling Kaila to and from Vacation Bible school.

This is at a open house for the first VBS she went to.

The program was Avalanche Ranch and she had a ball!! They did some neat crafts and she learned alot of songs and dances that she still is singing all the time.

I also have been trying to clean and declutter this house and get the bathroom in a more finished state for the company we had coming this last weekend. I’ve taken out 1 car load and 1 truckload and still have at least 1 more truckload of stuff for charities and can probably find some more. I use to move every 2 years and it helped keep down the clutter but I’ve now been in this house 13 years and boy the clutter has grown!

Kaila got to hold her 2 baby cousins this weekend. She was thrilled with them but she thought they were a little noisy with all the crying they did. (They didn’t cry much at all 🙂 )

            Marina 6 mos.                                                                 Katie 6 wks


This weekend was Katie’s baptisim so it was a very busy 2 days with family coming and going.

On top of all that of course our A/C finally ran out of freon so Keith had to go to work and get his gauges so he could gas it back up enough to get us through the weekend. Hopefully he’ll be able to get it full this week.

On the crochet front.

 Can I just say  I’ve not gotten much done !! 

Finally today I finished my Penguin Cuddle.

 Whoo Hoo!! I was on a roll with it when I had to stop for all the cleaning and had to leave it with only 4 rows needed. So last night I started sewing and finished him up today. One more off my Sky CAL bingo card. When I get one more WIP done I’ll have Bingo!

I’m now down to just 2 WIPS to finish and they won’t take that long. Then I’ll have to find a few to start up.

I joined the circle of friends CAL on the ‘Ville. We are making dishcloths to swap so I need to make 15 of them then we are sending in photos about us and where we live for a scrapbook that Julie will put together and then will get passed around by mail.

I need to figure out what pictures I should put in about where I live. It’s always hard to do since you live there and nothing seems like it’s interesting. 🙂 I may have to make a trip downtown to find somethings.

I’ve got 7 dishcloths done so far just 8 more to go. I’ll put up pics when I get them all done.


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Blended Baby Round Ripple.

This month’s Charity Blitz is baby items so I thought I’d make a few blended round ripples for this go round. These work up so fast I love it.


These pastels are so subtel you can hardly tell up close that your even changing colors.

The little hat worked up nicely too I may do more of that pattern but I kind of want to try a bunch of patterns this time and see which ones I like best. Next Thursday will be my next charity crochet day so I’ll just have to see what I can get into by then.

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Got a lot finished.

I finished the blended sunburst round ripple. I was using up some yarn on it and ran out of color possiblities so I’m ending it at 19 inches and going to let Max have it for a bed.


I got 3 more snowflakes done.

Kaila’s poncho.

and last but not least my Cluster of stars quilt lapghan for bless a Vet on the Charity Blitz.


I had a 2nd quilt using my Calliope quilt block but ended up not liking the way the border came out on it so I frogged the border and am going to make 4 Calliope blocks and border that for a lapghan.

Now I need to finish up a lapghan and start on my June Blitz baby items. I’m going to do some preemie blankets this go round I think. I’m also going to start work on lapghans to give to people in the nursing home that don’t have family to hopefully brighten their days. It will be a slow going project just as I get one done I’ll let my MIL have a nurse find a home for it. 🙂

All I have left on my Sky CAL is my Calliope lapghan, Penguin cuddle, on going snowflakes and my Spiderman RR and of course Charity Blitz items.

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