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Water Fun!!!


 We went on a little family vacation to Indiana and visited with Keith’s family and went to Splash Safari/Holiday World in Santa Clause, IN. 

Kaila is just a little dare devil, She went on all the big water slides (even 2 that I wouldn’t) and had a ball!!

Her biggest fear was the slides that were inclosed tubes because it was dark inside. She didn’t care much for the dark but loved the speed and drops of the slides.  She also liked the wave pools and lazy rivers where she praticed a little of her swimming from taking swimming lessons.

The Bakuli!

Keith and Kaila rode this ride. (I’m a big chicken hahaha and not afraid to say so) This ride is a big drop into a big bowl that you go around in and get flushed out that hole in the middle.

The Zinga!

The big funnel behind Kaila is the Zinga I didn’t really want to go on it but Keith and Kaila made me. lol

The Jungle Racer!

Kaila and Keith raced down this twice. Kaila is in the lane on the right edge.

And of course you can’t go to Santa Clause, Indiana and not tell Santa what you want for Christmas! I think Kaila told Santa twice her list. She made sure he knew! lol

It was a great weekend.

Kaila really liked the stay at Uncle Mark and Aunt Judy’s where she had to make many, many trips between the chickens, cows and fish in the pond. She had to tell them all goodnight and good morning. Though she thought the cows were awful stinky lol.

But I think of all the animals her favorites were the two dogs.


July 31, 2007 - Posted by | Family

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