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In my World of Crochet.

A few more on the done list!

  Nursing Home Lapghans ready for August delivery!

  I finished my Calliope Quilt lapghan and another lapghan that I used squares I made from the Square along on Crochetville in July.


This Calliope drove me nuts! I’m so glad to have it done but I think it looks pretty good even with the one square I put in wrong. haha Oh well I believe it’s the Amish that put in a mistake on purpose because only God can be perfect, so that’s my mistake in it. 🙂

I started it by using the dusty teal but then didn’t like it so I tried it in the blue and liked it but……. Then I didn’t want to make it a full size so decided to go this way with it. I think it came out OK.

Grannies A La Harper lapghan!


This one I used the Granny A La Harper pattern. I really like this square it works up real fast and as you can see from the link there is no end to the combinations you can work up on these.

Odds and Ends!

The August Charity Blitz is for a local Hope center for women in Nashville. I’ve only gotten 1 hat and 1 pair of booties done so far.

 I also got a scrap yarn mouse made for Max!

I’ve also been working on a secret project that I can’t say anything more on right now but in a few days I’ll be able to show everybody.

And I’m up to row 30 on my graph ghan done in Tunisian Stitches. I’m really liking this and can’t wait to try other graphs.

I’ve been working on my Pinwheel Quilt. I’ve gotten 8 blocks put together and 4 of those joined in a strip. I’m going to shoot for making it 9 blocks wide and 10 blocks high to fit on my Queen sized bed. This project will take awhile since I’m using scrap colors. This is what the blocks look like.


 We made a Village ghan like this for the auction at Crochetville. I sent in blocks and others sent in blocks and it was donated to Crochetville for the auction. It looked so nice after it was put together that I decided to make one bigger for myself. It brought  $75.00 in the auction.


August 9, 2007 - Posted by | Crochet

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  1. Lots of us are worried about you because you haven’t been posting on C’Ville in a while. You are probably sitting somewhere on a beach sipping a cocktail with your family, but we are worried just the same. The concern is that we noticed that your picture and the ability to allow people to PM are gone from your profile.

    Please let us know that you are alright

    Janet (auntbubbels) from C’Ville

    Comment by Janet Gillen | August 14, 2007 | Reply

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