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Tunnisian Graph Ghan.

Finally it’s done!

I love this technique for graphs! I think it was so easy and it looks real neat at the color changes. 

This is another one of those things I’ve made for a gift but want to keep. LOL . This one is for my brother in law for Christmas and I was so glad to finish it up so I can start planning my next graph ghan.

This really ended up pretty big.  It’s right at 40 inches tall and 33 inches wide. I think my next one might be a kids one if I can get motivated to get going on it.

One gift for Christmas down! Still don’t know how many more to go LOL! Gotta get working on that list still.

I did get 3 scarves done for the Charity blitz and need to start on the October one which is either little stuffed animals and stuffies or scarves so I need to start planning on that.


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Big Family Weekend!

This was a big weekend for us.

We had our 11th wedding anniversary on Friday the 21st.  To celebrate we went to dinner at the Aquarium restaraunt and ate a yummy dinner while watching the fish swim in the big aquarium.

That was all we would get to do for celebrating right now since then Hubby’s sister and brother and their families came in town to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. So needless to say we had a baby free for all all weekend. LOL

 I made this shrug for my MIL from just working up some stitches. I’m trying to work on writing up the pattern for it. Patterns are not as easy for me to write as they are to read lol.


I made it with Lion Brand Jiffy. I’m going to make one in that new Bernat bamboo for myself for sleeping in. That yarn is sooooo soft and cuddly.

I also ended up getting another lapghan done for the nursing home and passed that on to Opal for another person there.


This really turned out good. I really love these colors in it even though I’m not much for the color orange, for some reason they just please my eyes. I didn’t want to let it go but I don’t need it and others do. 🙂  It is a nice fall color. I really like that variegated yarn too but I don’t think they make it anymore. I think this effect is going to be in a lot of the next lapghans that are just squares. So many possiblities with the variegated and any main color in them. At least on these I won’t run out of ideas for the colors anytime soon.

I am still doing little squares for the Pinwheel quilt and the patches lapghan quilt for the nursing home, and soon will have to start making a list for Christmas presents. I might start getting a little behind soon. 😀

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2 More Lapghans done!

2 more done, 2 more started!

I finally got the 2 Lapghans for the nursing home delivered to my MIL. She was so happy to get them. She was hoping I was going to keep doing this since so many people there need these kinds of things.

These are the 2 I finished

The Navajo lapghan


and the comfort quilt lapghan.


I’ve started some fall color ones for this month. I’ve got a quilt going in orange, gold and hunter green and a 12 inch square lapghan going in orange and a variegated oranges, reds and purples.

I really need to make a dent in this stash of mine. 🙂 I keep starting to make a little progress then I come across a clearance I can’t pass up. Oh well I do pass up a lot of clearance stuff that I know I probably wouldn’t use and most of it is for the lapghans I give to the nursing home so it’s all good.

I need to start making a list of any Christmas gifts I might need to make and get to working on them or I’ll be in big trouble eek!

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Labor Day Family Get away!!

Woo Hoo we figured out where to go for the 3 days off Keith had over Labor day.

We ended up at one of our favorite cities to visit. Chattanooga, TN. We hadn’t been to the Tennessee Aquarium since they added the ocean side and redid the waterfront, so we thought we’d take a trip down and see it.

The Aquarium was great as always! We went in the ocean side first in case Kaila got worn out in the main one since we’d been through it a couple times before but hadn’t seen the ocean side. (A good call by the way)

My favorite of course were the penguins which were one of the first exibits in the ocean building. They seemed to be awfull taken with Kaila.

 This penguin just sat there and stared nose to nose with her for a long time. Of course before I thought to get a picture Kaila had started to lose interest and I almost missed the photo.

The Fish this year seemed to be real interested in Kaila. They used to all run away from her, this time alot of them stared at her face to face.

These are some Pahrana’s that just sat there staring at Kaila till she left. It was so weird and funny. They looked like they wanted to see how she tasted. My flash didn’t let me get a good picture. I’ll try to brighten it and replace it later.

 Some of the neat exibits in the Aquarium. These are my next favorites. I could just sit in the Penguin, Sea Horse or Jelly Fish rooms and watch them for hours.

Sea horse.

That’s quite a fancy fellow right there. 🙂

And the Jelly Fish.

I just love the way they have them glow. So gracefull and beautifull.

Just some really big fish swimming in the tank.

As you can maybe tell from the picture Kaila is winding down and we are only about halfway through the main Aquarium by now, but that’s kind of what I figured would happen.

After the Aquarium we took a little boat tour and then rode the electric trolley back up to the Chattanooga Choo Choo where we had parked this time so we could ride the trolley. It’s free to ride but we always run out of time to ride it on other trips.

On our way home we decided to try to find something to do on the way home so we ended up stopping in Lynchburg, TN to tour the Jack Daniels distillery. It’s a free tour and such a neat place.

Kaila took this picture of Keith and I hahaha It looks like she had a little too much already and this is before we went on the tour. 🙂

 And this is Kaila with Jack’s statue in front of the cave that they still get the water for the whiskey from to this day.


On the crochet front I took 3 projects on the trip with me but only worked on 1 of them. I did get alot done on my 8 pocket tote.

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