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Happy Halloween!!!


 Happy Halloween everybody!!!



I hope everybody had a fun and safe Halloween!

We’ve been busy with Halloween festivities starting with Saturday having 2 parties and Sunday a fall festival then Kaila had her party at School on Tuesday and then of course Trick or Treating at the Mall.

Kaila got quite a haul but luckily I think this years is more manageable. We still have some candy from last Halloween. LOL


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2 October Lapghans done!

October Lapghans! 

I did these using the Fall square from Dayna’s Crochet. More info on the pattern is on the Nursing home project page.



I’m hooked on the varigated right now as you can tell. I counted the varigated at Wal-mart the other day and there are 30 different colors in the varigated Red Heart yarn so I guess I’ve got some work to do if I want to use everyone of them at least once.

My goal is to use each varigated with at least one solid but would love to use them with many different colors. I’ve used the Berries varigated twice now.


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Another year older, not sure about wiser :)

Well I’m another year older today. Turned the big 43 on the 7th. I can’t believe it! 50 is just around the corner. 🙂

A good friend of mine treated me to a hair make over at her hairdressers for my birthday so I jumped in with both feet and got a new do!!!

This is the before!

WOW what a head of wild hair 🙂 as you can see it was so long and wavy that I couldn’t work with it and do anything with it so I always wore it in a pony tail.

So with a single snip of the scissors I lost 10 inches and after a proper cut and color this is how it came out.

 WOW what a difference and I really love it!!

Now though I have to learn to work with my hair for an hour or so after each shower to dry and straighten it so it will look like this. hahaha otherwise it just poofs up like a poodle.

Thanks so much Catherine! 🙂 You spoil me too much. (hug)

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