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Wrapping up the Month of November.

Well I’ve been so busy with Christmas gift making and Thanksgiving goings on that I haven’t gotten to any of my lapghans for the Nursing home this month. 😦  I will donate the purple shrug shown on the 8th of Nov. in my blog to the Home and have 2 lapghans in the making. So hopefully I’ll have some for Dec. I really would like to give more around the holidays but it’s just me and I don’t have that many hands. 🙂

I did finish up 1 chemo hat for the Charity Blitz on Crochetville.

It’s a Loopy chemo cap . It really wasn’t hard just slow going with that loop stitch.

I also have gotten a pair of mittens made. My very first ever and boy they are hard to make match but I guess I didn’t do to bad with them. I didn’t have to frog the 2nd one and keep reworking it to make it match and it’s close. My Daughter loves them so that’s the most important thing. 🙂 I used this pattern Childrens crocheted mittens.

I also finished all my swap partners items and will put those up as soon as she gets the package. Now to wrap those up and get them in the mail. haha.


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A few little things.

Well it’s almost Thanksgiving and the list of Christmas gifts to make is growing. Time is running out ack!!!

Well here are a few things I HAVE gotten done and a few are gifts…..

Let’s start with the oldest ones I didn’t get posted yet.

This is the first 2 mystery projects we did in the card club CAL on the ‘Ville.  The first is a Greeting Card Clutch that I am using to put all the cards I recieve from my friends at the ‘Ville.

And the 2nd one is an arm chair pocket. I put it on my desk chair to hold all the remotes so they aren’t all over my desk.

These are pretty good little stashbusters too!


This is my 2nd shrug made from my pattern that I need to finish writing up. I think it’s going to end up being a small. I may end up donating it to the Nursing Home since I don’t know what else to do with it lol.


My 8 pocket tote. Though it’s only got 6 pockets haha. I took the side pockets and made them into a pouch that is attached to the inside of the tote.


These are some baby doll backpacks I’ve made for my Daughter and some of her friends for gifts. It was a free pattern once on Annie’s Attic. It works up pretty fast and is real easy. The bigger one in the middle I just added 10 to the amount the pattern started with and the dark pink one I used the same stitch count but a bigger hook and the one on the right is basically to gauge. I also used the “I Love This Yarn”


I’ve gotten a few other things done but they will have to wait to put photos of them up. They are for my Holiday Swap partner and I can’t let her see them before she gets them. (no no no) LOL

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