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Last project finished of the year.

Well I hope everybody has a safe and fun time celebrating the New Year tonight!

I got one last thing finished up before the end of the year. I think it came out pretty cute and Kaila loves it so that’s the most important thing. hahaha

It’s called Brittany’s post stitch hat and purse. The pattern is about halfway down her page.

I used the same colors as the pattern called for and the Lion Brand Jiffy yarn. I really like this pattern, I might have to do more kids hats in it.

I also have about got my messenger bag about finished. It is all crocheted together and just need to line it and make the strap for it yet and do the finishing touches.


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everybody!

Merry Christmas!!

Well the year is coming to an end already. Boy did it go by fast!

I hope everybody had a nice day with your family and all were safe for the Holidays!

We had a quiet day at home with just us 3. Kaila had fun riding her bike Santa gave her and playing her Nintendo DS.

On the crochet front I did get one more lapghan finished in time for my MIL to give to someone before Christmas. That is if she didn’t keep it for herself which she said she threatened to do since she really liked the colors and pattern. 🙂

I used a ripple wave stitch out of a book of 200 ripple stitches my swap partner on Crochetville gave me for the Holiday gift exchange swap. Boy was that a fun one. I’ll have to lay off them for awhile though hehehe.

I used RHSS in Hot red, Bright yellow, black and Sunshine print (varigated) It is nice bright and cheery that’s for sure. 🙂

I’ve been working on my Messenger bag from Crochetkitten she has lots of cute patterns on her site and I just LOVE this bag. I also need to write up a few patterns and get them on my pattern blog. I also need to get started on the shrug for my Sister.

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A little catching up to do.

Now that my Swap Partner has recieved her last package from me I can post what I made her and I need to catch up on other things I’m making. The Christmas crunch overwhelmed me but I think I’m about caught up now. 🙂

This is a thread wreath I made from a pattern in the Crochet World magazine for I think it was Nov. I made the Poinsettas pink instead of red and ended up putting a light blue bow on it but forgot to get a picture of it with the bow before giving it to my MIL.

 I will need to find either a frame or a colored background for it since where it hangs in her room the wall is an off white and it is really hard to see against the wall.


 I got my shrug I made for myself out of that really soft wonderfull Bernat Bamboo yarn. I bought a skein everytime I got a 40% off coupon from JoAnn’s so it took me awhile to get it finished.

It is so soft and comfy! I wear it to sleep in. The only thing I would have changed was the size of the bottom of the sleeves is a little wide but it isn’t bothersome.








I made these face cloths and body scrubbies for my SILs for Christmas. They were a little tricky with the stitch changes at first but once I got them down it was a breeze. They also helped me use up alot of my thread I have since my order with Elmore Pisgah awhile back 🙂


The last christmas presents I got done are for my Mom




These are the things I made for my Swap Partner.

           A tote made with cotton, a pair of Ear pops (A form of ear muffs without the band over your head these just pop on your ear), and a comfort shawl made with some of the many chennile skeins I bought. It is such a rich plush look in person the picture doesn’t do it justice. 

I had also made a squid cat toy for her cat but forgot to take a photo of it and sent one of the doll backpacks to her 4 year old daughter.


Among the wonderfull things my partner sent me was a bunch of squares for me to use on my lapghans for the nursing home. I got them bordered with white and made a few more squares so thanks to her I have at least one lapghan to give to someone in the nursing home this month.



This month I have been very blessed to have been gifted some things from the Holiday elves on Crochetville.

I got some pretty 8 inch squares for my own friendship ghan and one elf sent me 4 skeins of varigated Red Heart yarn for use on my lapghans for the nursing home. I also recieved a beautifull pattern book called 50 Sensational crochet afghans and throws. BOY is this book full of wonderfull patterns. I plan to start one soon for my husbands God Mother. And last but not least my swap partner sent me the 200 Ripple Stitch patterns that I absoultely love and have already started a lapghan from one of the stitches in it.

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Simple Open Diamond Shrug.

Simple Open Diamond Shrug.

I’ve posted this pattern to my pattern blog My Crochet Ramblings for easier finding. 🙂 This is a real easy pattern and works up real quick.  Enjoy!

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Tennessee Icicles an 8 Inch square.

I was fooling around with some yarn trying to use up some odds and ends and came up with this pattern so I wrote it down. I’m still just learning the easiest way to write up a pattern so any input would be gladly accepted. 🙂 Thanks to the ladies on Crochetville that helped me come up with a name for it.

This pattern has not been tested. Please let me know if you find any problems with it.

Tennessee Icicles.

Check out my pattern blog My Crochet Ramblings for the pattern. I’m trying to get them all in one place so it’s easier to find them.

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