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Got A Couple Quilts Done!

After sewing till my fingers were numb I finally knocked out the 2 quilt lapghans I started this last fall!

This is the Patches quilt lapghan. Pattern at the Happy Yellow House.

More on this one can be found on my Nursing Home project page.

This one I made for my husbands, Grandmother. I may hold off giving it to her till her 90th birthday in May I’ll have to see.

I used Hobby Lobby’s I love this yarn on this quilt and really love the drape it gives and it’s nice and warm.

I copied this pattern out of a quilt magazine. They called it a Diaper Pin block. I just graphed it out and made it with yarn. I’ve got a couple other patterns I’ve been playing around with and will get them up on my pattern blog when I get them graphed out.

I also got the Cat Tunnel finished and Max has played with it a little so far though not quite has much as I had hoped 🙂 Finicky cats LOL!! It’s only a few rows longer than the pictured one on the last post so I won’t bore you with photos of it again. 🙂

I also got 3 Warm Up America 7 x 9 rectangles for the challange at Crochetville and got 2 friendship squares made to send out to a friend at Crochetville. Trying to use up some yarn for the Stashbusting score.

Ahhh the Stashbusting score….. Well we reset our scores to zero for the new year and of course now I get the load of yarn my Mom bought for me last summer 🙂 so already I’m way in the hole but that’s alright, it’s great yarn and will be great for making the lapghans for the nursing home so I’m happy! I just need to stay from buying yarn for awhile and of course Hobby Lobby has the ILTY on sale this week. Ackkkkk  I will be good, I will be good, I will be good……. Aww who am I kidding if I get a chance to go to HL I will buy some LOL!!!


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So much to crochet.

It’s been a busy week so far and it’s only Tuesday. LOL!! I got a tooth pulled yesterday afternoon which surprisingly isn’t bothering me much, my sister and her kids and my Dad are on the way here for Kaila’s 5th birthday party on Saturday and I still need to finish some shopping for that. I just don’t know how I’ll get it all done but I’m sure it will work out somehow. 🙂

I got my Sister’s shrug done. It’s her Christmas present and I got it done just in time for our Christmas exchange happening this weekend. 🙂

I mixed my back from the shrugs I had made patterns for and the arms from crochetkitten.com using the dance shrug she had. I did expand it a little from her pattern and may still have to add a row or two if it’s still not big enough. We’ll see in a few days.


I’ve been working on a cat play tunnel for Max. I ran out of 2 of the yarns so I’ll have to wait a week or so to finish it but as you can see as soon as I put it down to take a picture of it he wasted no time jumping in and playing. 🙂


Well my WIM list is really getting out of hand here. 🙂

I’ve got totes of yarn stacking up behind me just waiting for me to start on them but I’m having trouble getting to a place I can work on them.

I haven’t gotten any lapghans ready to go to the Nursing Home yet for this month and at this rate it’s looking like I won’t have one to give. 

I am working on the patches quilt and am halfway done so maybe I can squeek that one out by the end of the month.

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Oh My Ravelry!

In the last few weeks I’ve gotten my Ravelry invite and have been getting it set up with my projects and friends. I’ve already gotten in on a Tunisian Afghan CAL over there.

We will be doing a block a month with a new stitch and at the end of the year we’ll have 12 blocks for an afghan, so now I’ll get to really learn some new stuff with that. I’m so excited!

Our first block was the X-Stitch and I’m using  “I Love This Yarn” from Hobby Lobby. I’ve picked out the colors Pastel Ombre (variegated), Linen, Md. Green and Toasted Almond. Unfortunately the colors I chose were a special order and they may not order them anymore so now I need to hunt down a few more skeins of the green and linen to make sure I have enough for the afghan.

This is my x-Stitch block in Pastel Ombre. It took almost the whole skein and is 14 X 14 so I need to match the rest to that size.

I love the effect that yarn had with this stitch! I can’t wait to see what February’s stitch is!

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Earthen Lace Scarf.

 My first finished object of the year!!!

I made this little scarf up using a ripple stitch with a few little changes. I wrote up the pattern and posted it here if your interested.

I used Lion Jiffy on this and it really works up quick.

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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Years!!!

Hope everybody had a safe and fun New Years! 

We had a quiet evening at home with just me and Keith. Kaila was sound asleep even through all the fireworks going on around us. 🙂

Long ago my Dad use to go out on the front porch at Midnight and play his bagpipes to pipe in the New Year. Don’t remember how the neighbors felt about it but I loved it and miss it. His pipes are now at my house and I wished last night I could play them hahaha.

We had a quiet day too. Just hung around the house all day. Keith worked on his trying his hand at making Gumbo and is still working on it 9 hours later. That is one involved thing to make, and while it’s smells good I won’t be eating any of it since it’s very spicey (made to his taste) and has shrimp and okra in it. blech! hahaha

I’ve decided to try real hard to keep track of everything I make this year and how much yarn it took so I can also see how much yarn I use compared to how much I have in my stash hehehe. So I started my journal today and been working on a scarf. I’m ready to get going on it.

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