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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Years!!!

Hope everybody had a safe and fun New Years! 

We had a quiet evening at home with just me and Keith. Kaila was sound asleep even through all the fireworks going on around us. 🙂

Long ago my Dad use to go out on the front porch at Midnight and play his bagpipes to pipe in the New Year. Don’t remember how the neighbors felt about it but I loved it and miss it. His pipes are now at my house and I wished last night I could play them hahaha.

We had a quiet day too. Just hung around the house all day. Keith worked on his trying his hand at making Gumbo and is still working on it 9 hours later. That is one involved thing to make, and while it’s smells good I won’t be eating any of it since it’s very spicey (made to his taste) and has shrimp and okra in it. blech! hahaha

I’ve decided to try real hard to keep track of everything I make this year and how much yarn it took so I can also see how much yarn I use compared to how much I have in my stash hehehe. So I started my journal today and been working on a scarf. I’m ready to get going on it.


January 1, 2008 - Posted by | Family

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