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Got A Couple Quilts Done!

After sewing till my fingers were numb I finally knocked out the 2 quilt lapghans I started this last fall!

This is the Patches quilt lapghan. Pattern at the Happy Yellow House.

More on this one can be found on my Nursing Home project page.

This one I made for my husbands, Grandmother. I may hold off giving it to her till her 90th birthday in May I’ll have to see.

I used Hobby Lobby’s I love this yarn on this quilt and really love the drape it gives and it’s nice and warm.

I copied this pattern out of a quilt magazine. They called it a Diaper Pin block. I just graphed it out and made it with yarn. I’ve got a couple other patterns I’ve been playing around with and will get them up on my pattern blog when I get them graphed out.

I also got the Cat Tunnel finished and Max has played with it a little so far though not quite has much as I had hoped 🙂 Finicky cats LOL!! It’s only a few rows longer than the pictured one on the last post so I won’t bore you with photos of it again. 🙂

I also got 3 Warm Up America 7 x 9 rectangles for the challange at Crochetville and got 2 friendship squares made to send out to a friend at Crochetville. Trying to use up some yarn for the Stashbusting score.

Ahhh the Stashbusting score….. Well we reset our scores to zero for the new year and of course now I get the load of yarn my Mom bought for me last summer 🙂 so already I’m way in the hole but that’s alright, it’s great yarn and will be great for making the lapghans for the nursing home so I’m happy! I just need to stay from buying yarn for awhile and of course Hobby Lobby has the ILTY on sale this week. Ackkkkk  I will be good, I will be good, I will be good……. Aww who am I kidding if I get a chance to go to HL I will buy some LOL!!!


January 28, 2008 - Posted by | Crochet

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