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Cathedral Rose Window.


Well I’ve spent this week working on my Cathedral Rose Window. I really like how it’s coming along and have started to look for other colors to do another one in. lol

Right now it’s measuring at 55 inches so I’m going to have to see if the full thing will be too big to hang on the wall where I want it. It’s going pretty fast even though I have trouble sometimes figuring out the instructions.


I hope everybody had a good Easter weekend. This is a little Easter Bonnet I whipped up for Kaila the night before Easter. I think it came out pretty good. The pattern was in Crochet Worlds April 2008 issue.



This is the March tunisian block for the CAL in Ravelry. I know it needs blocking but I don’t think I’ll bother right now since it will be in an afghan when it’s done so it should straighten out then. It’s a little off center. I somehow got too many stitches on it hehehe Oh well I’ll just have to fudge it when I put the borders on and see how it goes.


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