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The Stained Glass Window Afghan!


It’s DONE!!!

Wow, do I love this ghan! I might have to make one for myself now!

This is the Stained Glass Window Afghan in the book 50 Sensational crochet afghans and throws.

I planned to make a couple more squares to frame for me and some family members, I just love looking at it. hehe But I might just end up making a whole ghan again for me. This one is going to my Hubby’s Godmother in Indiana this Memorial weekend so I’ll have to say goodbye to it.  *sigh*

I still want to make something to enter in the fair some day and I can’t decide if it will be one of these or the Cathedral rose window (CRW). I’ve at least started the 2nd CRW so I might just enter it this year If I can get it done in time 🙂 Then do a stained glass window for another year. We’ll see.


So as usuall I let a whole lot of time go by between posts in here. Granted I really haven’t had a lot to say since I was working on the CRW’s and the Stained glass and really haven’t worked on much else lately.

I did get one lapghan for the nursing home done


And just finished assembly of another lapghan for the nursing home that a friend of mine at the Ville made the squares for and sent me. 🙂 Thank you so much B.


Both have more info on them on the Nursing Home page on my blog.

I made a few gag gifts for Hubby’s Aunt Mary and they were big hits at her B-day party! I won’t show them all here so as not to offend anybody but this is the thong and pasties part of her GAG gift.

I couldn’t find a pattern for a thong so I just had to wing it so of course it doesn’t really fit but that wasn’t the point of the gag so it doesn’t matter.




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