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2 more Nursing Home lapghans finally done!

I’ve finally gotten some more lapghans for the nursing home done. I got the motifs from the Summer Lace lapghan joined and bordered. The Bon Print varigated yarn is really hard to photograph. The flash washes it out so I had to shoot it without it.

I went real bold with this one lol. I hope it makes somebody feel cheery when they wrap themselves up in it. the pattern for this is in the Crochet with heart book. It is my 3rd pattern from the book.

I had started another one called the soft hearts for baby (pictured on the left) but I just really didn’t like the yarns I was using so the first strip of it I finished became a scarf to be donated to a yet unknown charity. The one on the right was the start of a baby blanket but I just wasn’t digging the colors for a baby so I turned it into a scarf. lol It too is waiting for a charity to go to. They are kid size so I’m sure I’ll come across one soon.









This one is made from the green squares the ladies from Crochetville sent me for the August Charity Blitz. They sure sent some lovely squares!

These have also been updated on my nursing home project page.


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Charity Blitz count.

Well August is over and the squares for that month from the Charity blitz are trickling in. I ended up with 102 squares from 6 laadies on Crochetville.  August was my charity for the Blitz. I am taking any color or design of 8 inch squares to make into lapghans for the Nursing Home. I hope to have a bundle of them to give them in December to hand out as Christmas presents.

I’ll get 6 more lapghans out of the 102 squares and I have 6 I’ve made so I hope to get a few more made by then.

September’s Charity is for a hospital and they need preemie burial gowns. A very sad thing, hopefully they give the family some comfort knowing a stranger made the gown for them with their own hands. These are the 7 I’m sending out at the end of the month.



On a lighter note. I’ve started a placemat set for our table. I put the pattern for it up on my pattern blog.  I’m using the Handicrafter cotton and sugar n cream for it.

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