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November Catch up.

This has been a very busy month. I’m just going to catch everything for the month up in one post.

First off my MIL passed away this month. She will be missed alot. She had battled Lupus for over 20 years and she finally was tired of fighting. She did have a real good few weeks at the end and went peacefully in her sleep.

I did manage to get a few things done this month.

I made this Ginny gingerbread girl doll from the December issue of Crochet World. I found many projects in here to make. I have also started the gingerbread doily pictured on the cover and later I’ll show the tree topper angel I made from this issue.


Of course now my DD wants one. hahaha I gave her to my Niece for Christmas. She just turns 2 on Dec. 13.

This is the tree topper angel from that same issue Crochet World. I still need to stiffen her and glue her halo on but I needed to get her on the tree so I’ll have to wait to do that. hahaha.


I also got 2 lapghans assembled from the Charity Blitz squares.

This one is all the purple squares.

Purple lapghan


And this one is with all the yellow squares.

yellow lapghan


I hope to get 2 more lapghans done then deliver them to the Nursing home in time for them to go as Christmas presents to some residents. I wish I had enough for everybody there but I’m only one person so I’ll just keep plugging along. 🙂


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