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Baby mania around here!

No luckily not any babies due in THIS household LOL but I know 5 people all between Jan and May.  I whipped this blanket up for a co-worker of my husbands. His first baby is due around my daughters birthday.

I used the baby coordinates sweet stripes in the grape stripes colorway. I used the pattern on the bernat site for the green crochet blanket, it’s done on the diagonal.

I like it but don’t know that I’ll be making anymore anytime soon since it’s all single crochet. LOL


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Capping off 2008 and starting 2009

Now that my swap with my friends is over and my secret pal has gotten her package I can wrap up 2008 by showing the things I made her and some little things I missed when posting earlier this year.

These are the things I made my secret pal. Glad you liked everything!

The snowman.


and The doughnut pin cushion


I also made a couple snowflakes for her too but lost the photo of them. It sure was fun doing this swap. I can’t wait till the July one.


This is one of the little Rosary pouches I made. My MIL wanted a Rosary so instead of buying her one I decided to make her one. She loved it and we buried her with it when she died in November but she has inspired me to try to make them to sell and I found this little Rosary pouch that is really nice so I might make some of these to go with the Rosaries when I get myself organized and start getting them made.


I also decided that I was going to clean out my chennile so I started making things with it just willy nilly and made this hat for my daughter.


I also made up this little blanket that we use on our bed to cover our feet. It used up a good amount of the chennile. 🙂


as you can see the cat approves LOL!

I also made a couple scarves for my SIL and her husband for Christmas. That’s used up about half of my stash of chenile now to figure out how to use up the rest of it this year lol.

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