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Catching up again

Well I’ve been busy working on 7 different projects at the same time trying to get some really old WIPS out of here to make way to make new stuff.

All I’ve got for this post is a boring list but I’m putting this here to give me a sense of accomplishment as I finish them and post the finished photos.

Oldest WIPS

  • Pinwheel quilt 75% done. I was making this for my daughters single bed. Now she’s in a full size bed but I don’t think I’ll be able to expand it to that. I may expand it with solid squares or just leave it as a big afghan.
  • Tunisian blocks afghan. 66% done. Well this was kind of disappointing. It started as a CAL on Ravelry everybody in it was going to make a block a month using different Tunisian stitches and at the end of the year you would have an afghan. Well by the third month everybody dropped off and I was the only one still working so I made 3 more on my own and have decided that I will just add a tks between the 2 rows of blocks that I’ve done to finish it off.
  • Double Wedding Ring quilt. 5% done. I started this in June 08 and was thinking it would be for my queen sized bed but now it’s going to end up on my daughters bed.
  • Gingerbread People Doily. 75% done. I intended this to be for the cookies plate for Santa but didn’t quite make it. LOL Oh well there’s always next year. And it should be done in a few weeks.


  • Geo Shades quilt. 40% done. I’m really excited about this one. I came up with this design after seeing a quilt on the cover of a magazine like it. Since it’s hard to find 4 shades of 2 colors I went with 3 shades and also scaled down the pattern a bit. I will post the pattern on my crochet ramblings blog when I get the quilt finished.
  • Diagonal Hues. 45% done. I really like this one. I made it for a stashbuster to use up the colors left over from the Cathedral windows I did last year.
  • 99 Granny Squares to crochet. 0% done. I’m waiting on the book to get here. This is a thing a couple people in the sky CAL on Crochetville are doing and I got sucked in. 🙂 I did think that this would be a good way to get some squares made for the nursing home lapghans I do so went ahead and got the book. I can’t wait to start.

On my To Do list.

  • Pick of the litter quilt. This was a free pattern of the day from Annies Attic.
  • Xmas Hearth Cuddle quilt. This is one I came up with after the Christmas holiday so I’ll do it later this year for next Christmas.
  • Tweed pillow and rug. My Mom got a bunch of pattern books from a garage sale and when she sent them to me there was a post it on one page saying “I like this” Mom. Hahaha I think that’s a hint. Lol
  • Small tree skirt. My daughter wants a small tree skirt for the tree that goes in her room at Christmas.
  • Small tree topper angel. My daughter again wanted something for the top of her little tree and loved the angel I did this year for mine so I’m going to make her a small one for her tree.

Wow I better get busy. Hahahaha


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