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Diagonal Hues ghan.

I finally finished something. Everything I’ve started lately are long going projects.


We’ve done 13 of the 99 blocks so far. We do a different amount of each block depending on how many somebody picks that week so I’ve got a good amount of squares from that to put together a lapghan or 2 for the nursing home.

I’m on square 7 of the Learning to knit afghan. I’m still behind everybody else but plugging right along.


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Now Knitting?

I had swore to myself that I wouldn’t start Knitting as I have too much Crochet to do. 

It all started when I saw a bunch of knitting needles on clearanc at Hobby Lobby and thought “Oh I’ll just buy them and hold onto them, maybe one day I’ll knit, though probably not. ”

Then my friends on the Sky CAL at Crochetville all decided to start the “Learn to Knit”  by Barbara G. Walker and they were sooooo pretty. I held off for over a month but finally gave in and borrowed the book from the library to see if I could really do it.

Now I’ve renewed my library book for another 3 weeks and am almost halfway through the 3rd square. “sigh”

I’ve got to do a lot of work to get good at it yet but here are the first 2 squares from the book.

Square 1

Striped Garter stitch

LTK square 1


Square 2

Striped Stockinette stitch

LTK square 2

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Nursing home lapghan.

I finally got the last of the charity blitz squares bordered and joined for the nursing home.

This is the reds and pinks and they are great squares as always from the ladies at Crochetville!


red lapghan

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Dr. Seuss Week.

This week was Dr. Seuss week at Kaila’s school.

Weds. was dress funny day so we fixed her hair up and put her clothes on inside out and backwards and put her shirt on over her dress. She loved her new doo and so did a lot of her classmates.



Friday was wear your favorite hat so I whipped up this funny pink fuzzy bear hat for her and later finished off the scarf. It is a very warm hat and scarf and of course winter temps are pretty much gone now but hopefully the hat will still fit her next year.


She’s luvin the hat. Dirty face and all! LOL

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