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In my World of Crochet.

Ok so I’ve been terrible at keeping this up.

Life has  been so busy that when I’ve had time that should have been put towards updating here  I’ve been lazy.  🙂

So here’s a quick run down on what few finishes I’ve had for 2009.

I made a Tweed rug and Pillow for my Mom’s birthday. It was in a magazine she gave me with a little note that she liked it so I made it for her. 🙂

I got a few bibs and some soft blocks made for a baby in the family for Christmas. I used Sugar n Cream cotton to make these.

I made a Snuggie for my Daughter. She wasn’t very fond of it though she wanted one of the fleece ones but this is what she’s stuck with. To bad it’s a child size. It’s nice and warm I would use it.

And my last finish for 2009 is this plush chenille afghan. I just did it with a Q hook and single crochet.  It’s nice and cuddly.


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Pinwheel Quilt.

I finally finished the Pinwheel quilt *woohoo* I’ve been working on it for just over 2 years. It is a single bed size for my daughter but before I could get it finished we moved her up to a double bed hahaha. It still fits it just doesn’t hang off the sides.

This is a photo of it on my queen sized bed.

Pinwheel quilt

Now I only have one more big Afghan to work on and a smaller quilt. Still working on my Learning to knit squares and it’s starting to come a little easier to me now. I even am knitting a few neckwarmers to use as Christmas gifts and use up some yarn in my stash.

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A little catch up.

Wow April and May are just a blur and June is almost done EEk where does the time go?

I haven’t finished much in these last 3 months. In May I did finish the Gingerbread doily finally though I haven’t put any of the ribbons and such on it yet. I may just leave it plain we’ll see.

gingerbread doily


I’m still ploding along on my Learn to knit squares. I’m now working on #9 If you really want to see my squares (they aren’t very interesting) you can go here. It’s the blog from the sky CAL ladies who are doing this together.


I’ve finally gotten another lapghan done for the Nursing home this month. I’m going so slow on this this year but I am getting lots of squares to put together from doing the 99 squares with the sky ladies.

This is the Kaleidoscope. I only made it lapghan size and the pattern didn’t have full instructions for the half motif so I just left them off this time.

kaleidoscope ghan

And I got tired of working on this tunisian squares. I got 6 of them done and it’s just the right size to put over my shoulders this winter.

tunisian squares ghan

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Diagonal Hues ghan.

I finally finished something. Everything I’ve started lately are long going projects.


We’ve done 13 of the 99 blocks so far. We do a different amount of each block depending on how many somebody picks that week so I’ve got a good amount of squares from that to put together a lapghan or 2 for the nursing home.

I’m on square 7 of the Learning to knit afghan. I’m still behind everybody else but plugging right along.

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Now Knitting?

I had swore to myself that I wouldn’t start Knitting as I have too much Crochet to do. 

It all started when I saw a bunch of knitting needles on clearanc at Hobby Lobby and thought “Oh I’ll just buy them and hold onto them, maybe one day I’ll knit, though probably not. ”

Then my friends on the Sky CAL at Crochetville all decided to start the “Learn to Knit”  by Barbara G. Walker and they were sooooo pretty. I held off for over a month but finally gave in and borrowed the book from the library to see if I could really do it.

Now I’ve renewed my library book for another 3 weeks and am almost halfway through the 3rd square. “sigh”

I’ve got to do a lot of work to get good at it yet but here are the first 2 squares from the book.

Square 1

Striped Garter stitch

LTK square 1


Square 2

Striped Stockinette stitch

LTK square 2

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Nursing home lapghan.

I finally got the last of the charity blitz squares bordered and joined for the nursing home.

This is the reds and pinks and they are great squares as always from the ladies at Crochetville!


red lapghan

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Dr. Seuss Week.

This week was Dr. Seuss week at Kaila’s school.

Weds. was dress funny day so we fixed her hair up and put her clothes on inside out and backwards and put her shirt on over her dress. She loved her new doo and so did a lot of her classmates.



Friday was wear your favorite hat so I whipped up this funny pink fuzzy bear hat for her and later finished off the scarf. It is a very warm hat and scarf and of course winter temps are pretty much gone now but hopefully the hat will still fit her next year.


She’s luvin the hat. Dirty face and all! LOL

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Catching up again

Well I’ve been busy working on 7 different projects at the same time trying to get some really old WIPS out of here to make way to make new stuff.

All I’ve got for this post is a boring list but I’m putting this here to give me a sense of accomplishment as I finish them and post the finished photos.

Oldest WIPS

  • Pinwheel quilt 75% done. I was making this for my daughters single bed. Now she’s in a full size bed but I don’t think I’ll be able to expand it to that. I may expand it with solid squares or just leave it as a big afghan.
  • Tunisian blocks afghan. 66% done. Well this was kind of disappointing. It started as a CAL on Ravelry everybody in it was going to make a block a month using different Tunisian stitches and at the end of the year you would have an afghan. Well by the third month everybody dropped off and I was the only one still working so I made 3 more on my own and have decided that I will just add a tks between the 2 rows of blocks that I’ve done to finish it off.
  • Double Wedding Ring quilt. 5% done. I started this in June 08 and was thinking it would be for my queen sized bed but now it’s going to end up on my daughters bed.
  • Gingerbread People Doily. 75% done. I intended this to be for the cookies plate for Santa but didn’t quite make it. LOL Oh well there’s always next year. And it should be done in a few weeks.


  • Geo Shades quilt. 40% done. I’m really excited about this one. I came up with this design after seeing a quilt on the cover of a magazine like it. Since it’s hard to find 4 shades of 2 colors I went with 3 shades and also scaled down the pattern a bit. I will post the pattern on my crochet ramblings blog when I get the quilt finished.
  • Diagonal Hues. 45% done. I really like this one. I made it for a stashbuster to use up the colors left over from the Cathedral windows I did last year.
  • 99 Granny Squares to crochet. 0% done. I’m waiting on the book to get here. This is a thing a couple people in the sky CAL on Crochetville are doing and I got sucked in. 🙂 I did think that this would be a good way to get some squares made for the nursing home lapghans I do so went ahead and got the book. I can’t wait to start.

On my To Do list.

  • Pick of the litter quilt. This was a free pattern of the day from Annies Attic.
  • Xmas Hearth Cuddle quilt. This is one I came up with after the Christmas holiday so I’ll do it later this year for next Christmas.
  • Tweed pillow and rug. My Mom got a bunch of pattern books from a garage sale and when she sent them to me there was a post it on one page saying “I like this” Mom. Hahaha I think that’s a hint. Lol
  • Small tree skirt. My daughter wants a small tree skirt for the tree that goes in her room at Christmas.
  • Small tree topper angel. My daughter again wanted something for the top of her little tree and loved the angel I did this year for mine so I’m going to make her a small one for her tree.

Wow I better get busy. Hahahaha

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Baby mania around here!

No luckily not any babies due in THIS household LOL but I know 5 people all between Jan and May.  I whipped this blanket up for a co-worker of my husbands. His first baby is due around my daughters birthday.

I used the baby coordinates sweet stripes in the grape stripes colorway. I used the pattern on the bernat site for the green crochet blanket, it’s done on the diagonal.

I like it but don’t know that I’ll be making anymore anytime soon since it’s all single crochet. LOL

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Capping off 2008 and starting 2009

Now that my swap with my friends is over and my secret pal has gotten her package I can wrap up 2008 by showing the things I made her and some little things I missed when posting earlier this year.

These are the things I made my secret pal. Glad you liked everything!

The snowman.


and The doughnut pin cushion


I also made a couple snowflakes for her too but lost the photo of them. It sure was fun doing this swap. I can’t wait till the July one.


This is one of the little Rosary pouches I made. My MIL wanted a Rosary so instead of buying her one I decided to make her one. She loved it and we buried her with it when she died in November but she has inspired me to try to make them to sell and I found this little Rosary pouch that is really nice so I might make some of these to go with the Rosaries when I get myself organized and start getting them made.


I also decided that I was going to clean out my chennile so I started making things with it just willy nilly and made this hat for my daughter.


I also made up this little blanket that we use on our bed to cover our feet. It used up a good amount of the chennile. 🙂


as you can see the cat approves LOL!

I also made a couple scarves for my SIL and her husband for Christmas. That’s used up about half of my stash of chenile now to figure out how to use up the rest of it this year lol.

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