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Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

I hope everybody had a great day. We of course didn’t do much we went and visited my MIL and then picked up pizza on the way home for dinner. Keith and I didn’t even get a chance to get each other something for Kaila to give us or for us to give each other. All these holidays are just sneaking up on me now a days. I guess it doesn’t help that I found out on Tuesday that I will need about 5000.00 dollars of work done on my teeth. I’ve been a very bad girl with my teeth. 😦

Kaila had a good time in school with her Valentine’s day party.


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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Years!!!

Hope everybody had a safe and fun New Years! 

We had a quiet evening at home with just me and Keith. Kaila was sound asleep even through all the fireworks going on around us. 🙂

Long ago my Dad use to go out on the front porch at Midnight and play his bagpipes to pipe in the New Year. Don’t remember how the neighbors felt about it but I loved it and miss it. His pipes are now at my house and I wished last night I could play them hahaha.

We had a quiet day too. Just hung around the house all day. Keith worked on his trying his hand at making Gumbo and is still working on it 9 hours later. That is one involved thing to make, and while it’s smells good I won’t be eating any of it since it’s very spicey (made to his taste) and has shrimp and okra in it. blech! hahaha

I’ve decided to try real hard to keep track of everything I make this year and how much yarn it took so I can also see how much yarn I use compared to how much I have in my stash hehehe. So I started my journal today and been working on a scarf. I’m ready to get going on it.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everybody!

Merry Christmas!!

Well the year is coming to an end already. Boy did it go by fast!

I hope everybody had a nice day with your family and all were safe for the Holidays!

We had a quiet day at home with just us 3. Kaila had fun riding her bike Santa gave her and playing her Nintendo DS.

On the crochet front I did get one more lapghan finished in time for my MIL to give to someone before Christmas. That is if she didn’t keep it for herself which she said she threatened to do since she really liked the colors and pattern. 🙂

I used a ripple wave stitch out of a book of 200 ripple stitches my swap partner on Crochetville gave me for the Holiday gift exchange swap. Boy was that a fun one. I’ll have to lay off them for awhile though hehehe.

I used RHSS in Hot red, Bright yellow, black and Sunshine print (varigated) It is nice bright and cheery that’s for sure. 🙂

I’ve been working on my Messenger bag from Crochetkitten she has lots of cute patterns on her site and I just LOVE this bag. I also need to write up a few patterns and get them on my pattern blog. I also need to get started on the shrug for my Sister.

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Happy Halloween!!!


 Happy Halloween everybody!!!



I hope everybody had a fun and safe Halloween!

We’ve been busy with Halloween festivities starting with Saturday having 2 parties and Sunday a fall festival then Kaila had her party at School on Tuesday and then of course Trick or Treating at the Mall.

Kaila got quite a haul but luckily I think this years is more manageable. We still have some candy from last Halloween. LOL

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Another year older, not sure about wiser :)

Well I’m another year older today. Turned the big 43 on the 7th. I can’t believe it! 50 is just around the corner. 🙂

A good friend of mine treated me to a hair make over at her hairdressers for my birthday so I jumped in with both feet and got a new do!!!

This is the before!

WOW what a head of wild hair 🙂 as you can see it was so long and wavy that I couldn’t work with it and do anything with it so I always wore it in a pony tail.

So with a single snip of the scissors I lost 10 inches and after a proper cut and color this is how it came out.

 WOW what a difference and I really love it!!

Now though I have to learn to work with my hair for an hour or so after each shower to dry and straighten it so it will look like this. hahaha otherwise it just poofs up like a poodle.

Thanks so much Catherine! 🙂 You spoil me too much. (hug)

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Big Family Weekend!

This was a big weekend for us.

We had our 11th wedding anniversary on Friday the 21st.  To celebrate we went to dinner at the Aquarium restaraunt and ate a yummy dinner while watching the fish swim in the big aquarium.

That was all we would get to do for celebrating right now since then Hubby’s sister and brother and their families came in town to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. So needless to say we had a baby free for all all weekend. LOL

 I made this shrug for my MIL from just working up some stitches. I’m trying to work on writing up the pattern for it. Patterns are not as easy for me to write as they are to read lol.


I made it with Lion Brand Jiffy. I’m going to make one in that new Bernat bamboo for myself for sleeping in. That yarn is sooooo soft and cuddly.

I also ended up getting another lapghan done for the nursing home and passed that on to Opal for another person there.


This really turned out good. I really love these colors in it even though I’m not much for the color orange, for some reason they just please my eyes. I didn’t want to let it go but I don’t need it and others do. 🙂  It is a nice fall color. I really like that variegated yarn too but I don’t think they make it anymore. I think this effect is going to be in a lot of the next lapghans that are just squares. So many possiblities with the variegated and any main color in them. At least on these I won’t run out of ideas for the colors anytime soon.

I am still doing little squares for the Pinwheel quilt and the patches lapghan quilt for the nursing home, and soon will have to start making a list for Christmas presents. I might start getting a little behind soon. 😀

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Labor Day Family Get away!!

Woo Hoo we figured out where to go for the 3 days off Keith had over Labor day.

We ended up at one of our favorite cities to visit. Chattanooga, TN. We hadn’t been to the Tennessee Aquarium since they added the ocean side and redid the waterfront, so we thought we’d take a trip down and see it.

The Aquarium was great as always! We went in the ocean side first in case Kaila got worn out in the main one since we’d been through it a couple times before but hadn’t seen the ocean side. (A good call by the way)

My favorite of course were the penguins which were one of the first exibits in the ocean building. They seemed to be awfull taken with Kaila.

 This penguin just sat there and stared nose to nose with her for a long time. Of course before I thought to get a picture Kaila had started to lose interest and I almost missed the photo.

The Fish this year seemed to be real interested in Kaila. They used to all run away from her, this time alot of them stared at her face to face.

These are some Pahrana’s that just sat there staring at Kaila till she left. It was so weird and funny. They looked like they wanted to see how she tasted. My flash didn’t let me get a good picture. I’ll try to brighten it and replace it later.

 Some of the neat exibits in the Aquarium. These are my next favorites. I could just sit in the Penguin, Sea Horse or Jelly Fish rooms and watch them for hours.

Sea horse.

That’s quite a fancy fellow right there. 🙂

And the Jelly Fish.

I just love the way they have them glow. So gracefull and beautifull.

Just some really big fish swimming in the tank.

As you can maybe tell from the picture Kaila is winding down and we are only about halfway through the main Aquarium by now, but that’s kind of what I figured would happen.

After the Aquarium we took a little boat tour and then rode the electric trolley back up to the Chattanooga Choo Choo where we had parked this time so we could ride the trolley. It’s free to ride but we always run out of time to ride it on other trips.

On our way home we decided to try to find something to do on the way home so we ended up stopping in Lynchburg, TN to tour the Jack Daniels distillery. It’s a free tour and such a neat place.

Kaila took this picture of Keith and I hahaha It looks like she had a little too much already and this is before we went on the tour. 🙂

 And this is Kaila with Jack’s statue in front of the cave that they still get the water for the whiskey from to this day.


On the crochet front I took 3 projects on the trip with me but only worked on 1 of them. I did get alot done on my 8 pocket tote.

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Memphis Trip.

We ran down to Memphis for Keith’s sister in laws surprise birthday party. We took advantage of the ease of going to see everybody in Memphis at one time so we made a weekend of it to relax a bit.

Sunday morning Kaila got to swim in the pool and practice a little of what she had learned in swimming lessons last month.

She can swim a little ways but she just won’t get those legs straight and kick, she looks like she’s riding a bike. Maybe after a few more lessons.

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Wilson County Fair.

Every year we try to go to the Wilson county fair. It’s about 30 miles from our house and a really nice little fair.

It was sooooo hot this year. We’ve had record high temps of 99 or hotter and absoultely no rain this summer. Our grass is brown all the trees are dropping leaves and many evergreens and bushes are probably not going to make it back next year. Possibly even some big trees are not going to make it. It’s just been miserable. At least it wasn’t humid on top of all that heat but still.

We braved the heat and went to the fair anyway. We had a good time and waited till later in the afternoon to go hoping for a little cooler air.

Kaila decided for her ride she wanted to jump on this high jumping thing. She’s been a little dare devil this summer but I think that’s coming to an end as she’s finding out these rides she wants to go on make her tummy go WHOO.

She got quite a few good jumps on there before she told the man she didn’t want to jump that high. 🙂

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Water Fun!!!


 We went on a little family vacation to Indiana and visited with Keith’s family and went to Splash Safari/Holiday World in Santa Clause, IN. 

Kaila is just a little dare devil, She went on all the big water slides (even 2 that I wouldn’t) and had a ball!!

Her biggest fear was the slides that were inclosed tubes because it was dark inside. She didn’t care much for the dark but loved the speed and drops of the slides.  She also liked the wave pools and lazy rivers where she praticed a little of her swimming from taking swimming lessons.

The Bakuli!

Keith and Kaila rode this ride. (I’m a big chicken hahaha and not afraid to say so) This ride is a big drop into a big bowl that you go around in and get flushed out that hole in the middle.

The Zinga!

The big funnel behind Kaila is the Zinga I didn’t really want to go on it but Keith and Kaila made me. lol

The Jungle Racer!

Kaila and Keith raced down this twice. Kaila is in the lane on the right edge.

And of course you can’t go to Santa Clause, Indiana and not tell Santa what you want for Christmas! I think Kaila told Santa twice her list. She made sure he knew! lol

It was a great weekend.

Kaila really liked the stay at Uncle Mark and Aunt Judy’s where she had to make many, many trips between the chickens, cows and fish in the pond. She had to tell them all goodnight and good morning. Though she thought the cows were awful stinky lol.

But I think of all the animals her favorites were the two dogs.

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