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Nursing Home Project.2007-2008

After my Mother in law had a long stay in the hospital she had to move into a nursing home near by us.

I since have picked back up crochet and had so many patterns for lapghans and shawls and the like that I would love to make but who needs a thousand lapghans around? So I decided that I would make them and give them to my Mother in law to pass on to other patients in the home.

A lot of these people have no family or friends that visit and are on Medicare and can hardly afford what they NEED let alone get any luxuries, so this will fill many needs. I get to make patterns I want to try (and don’t have to have a ton of lapghans around) and my MIL gets to visit people and cheer them up (she enjoys giving and doesn’t have the means to now) and people get a little something handmade.

This page will be just about what I’ve made and donated to the nursing home just so I can keep track of what I’ve made and/or had donated to me for this cause.

July 2007

Granny Square ghan

Lapghan made with scrap yarns donated through freecycle.

June 2007

Cluster of Stars lapghan.

Cluster of Stars quilt block made with RHSS yarns.

August 2007

Calliope Lapghan


The Calliope Quilt in lapghan size. Made with RHSS yarn.

Grannies A la Harper ghan.

Grannies A la Harper lapghan. I used different scrap craft yarns donated from people on Freecycle.

September 2007

Navajo blanket lapghan.


I used this pattern for it but shortened the chain to I think 85. I kind of lost track when I shortened it. This is also a CAL on Crochetville. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Hunter Green, burgundy and Delft blue and then Mainstays Vallejo Tan.

Comfort Quilt Lapghan.


This one is a colaberation of me and 2 others. We had made a quilt for Julie (a friend on crochetville) and I had a few extra blocks of mine and one from Cara so I made this so I wouldn’t waste those blocks. They are made from RHSS.

Orange Marmalade lapghan.


I used TLC in “Persimmon” and a Red heart variegated “berries”. I really like the fall look of this one. I did the 12 inch square  I Love the V-Stitch  on Dayna’s crochet site. I really love her squares by the way so don’t be surprised to see a bunch more of them on here with a variegated and solid like this one.

 October 2007

Fall Squares in Autumn colors.


This lapghan is made with RH yarn using “Berry” verigated  and Brown yarn. I used the Fall square from Dayna’s crochet site. As I’ve said before I love her patterns.  The big square in the middle is just repeating the pattern to the size I wanted.

 Fall Squares in cool blue.


This is made with the same Fall Square using RH Royal Blue and Ocean verigated yarn. I counted the different varigated yarns by RH the other day and found there are now 30 of them. Whew lots more color combos with the varigated to come.

December 2007

Purple shrug.


I made this originally for my SIL but it was a little too small in the arms so I thought someone at the Nursing Home could wear it. My MIL has one and gets lots of comments on hers so she should be able to find a good home for this one. 🙂

 I got a lot of squares from my Swap Partner on Crochetville for a lapghan to go to the nursing home so I added a few squares and a border and made this one up real quick. She saved me from possibly not having one to give for this month since I got bogged down with Christmas presents to make. 🙂 I hope to get one more but at least these 2 are delivered.

Wild Retro Wave.

I used the wave pattern in a book of ripple stitches I have to make this one. I used RHSS Bright Yellow, Hot Red, Black, and Sunshine print varigated. Got it ready just in time for a last Christmas present for someone in the Nursing Home! 🙂

Jan. 2008

I made this Patches quilt lapghan from a pattern on Happy Yellow House It’s a great site for Quilt patterns and they are always free so check it out.

Patches Quilt Lapghan.

I used RHSS Carrot, Gold, Hunter Green and white. This is a real easy one since there aren’t any bi-colored squares so if you want to try to make a quilt this is a good starter one!

February 2008

Drum lapghan


The name of this lapghan comes from a Crochetville member that found an afghan made like this in a kick drum and started a CAL on the Ville calling it the Drum ghan.

I whipped up 3 of these they are so easy and fast. 2 of them I sent to the Charity Blitz on Crochetville and this one will go to the Nursing Home. I will probably get some more of these made for other months too.

I used up lots of old odd WW yarns my Mom got me from Garage sales and some of my scraps. It’s a great stashbuster.

April 2008

I’ve been not able to make many lapghans lately trying to get some deadline items done, but I did manage to squeeze out one here lately.

4 pointed star ghan.


I used a plain granny square for the solid squares and This 4 pointed star square pattern.  This is a great square pattern for using up your odds and ends. 🙂


May 2008

Squares from Barbara.


I joined this lapghan together. A friend from Crochetville made the squares and then sent me the squares and some yarn for this lapghan. I love the squares. Sorry I don’t know what pattern she used to put up a link for but if I find out I will come and add it here.


 June 2008

Victorian Fans Lapghan

Fans Ghan

Fans Ghan


I used the pattern Victorian Fans from the book “Crochet with Heart Best Loved Afghans” I used Red Heart yarn Blue, Pinata varigated, Burgundy and Aran colors. I love this pattern it is really easy with a difficult looking result!


Well I squeaked in one more for the month. Even though I finished up the border on it today I’ll call it a June lapghan. hehe.

Stunning Shells


I used 5 skeins of RHSS Pink Camo on this one and 1/2 a skein of RHSS off white for the border. This is the Stunning Shells pattern in the  “Crochet with Heart Best Loved Afghans” It’s number 2 of my challange to myself to make all the patterns in one book.  Now to start on the next pattern in the book.


September 2008.

I started on this one last month and got all the squares made just didn’t get around to joining them and bordering them till this month. 🙂

This is the the Summer Lace pattern in the “Crochet with Heart Best Loved Afghans” the 3rd from the book I’ve made. I used Red Heart WW “shocking pink” and “Bon Print”. The Varigated Bon Print is really hard to photograph. 🙂


I also got one lapghan finished from some of the squares I recieved from the Charity Blitz on Crochetville. August was squares for my lapghans and I got 102 squares from the ladies participating that month.  I should get 6 lapghans out of all those squares with a few squares left over that I will just make some squares for later.

This is using all the green squares from the charity blitz ladies.


October 2008

It’s been a busy month but I did at least get one more lapghan put together from the Charity Blitz squares. This one is from all the blue squares.



November 2008

On a sad note my Mother in law died this month. She will be missed. I will still be making lapghans for the nursing home and give them to them in December for the residents Christmas. The workers at this Nursing home were great and treated her real well.

I got 2 more lapghans made from the Charity Blitz squares. These ladies sent such pretty squares!

This is the purple squares.

Purple lapghan

And the Yellow Charity squares.


yellow lapghan


December 2008.

I got a spiral done! I love these things they whip up so fast and easy.





I also got one more lapghan made with the squares from the Charity Blitz ladies. This one is the odds and ends squares.


I have enough squares left to make one more lapghan but it will have to go on next years tally. 🙂



  1. I just wanted to say bless you for making the lap ghans for the nursing home, you are so right that many of these people have no one left to care or do things for them. Your work is beautiful, you have a wonderful eye for color. I am trying to find the pattern for the cathedral window pattern, do you think it is hard? Yours looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks again for what you are doing, God Bless You! Ellen

    Comment by Ellen Hemphill | April 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’ve recently started working in a nursing home and was looking for patterns for lap afghans when I found you page. This is wonderful I love the quilt style patterns (I used to be a quilter) did you design these yourself? How can I find the directions for them?

    Comment by Nancy Rowley | December 17, 2008 | Reply

    • I love those quilts too. This place http://www.happyyellowhouse.com/ has a bunch of quilts and how to make them. I have just taken a quilt block from a magazine and made it too.

      Comment by Heather | December 18, 2008 | Reply

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