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The last 2 lapghans of the year!

I got the last of the lapghans for the Nursing home done. I still have enough squares to make one more but that one will have to wait till next year. 🙂

This is my 4th spiral, I used Red Heart in this one.



and the mixed squares from the charity blitz ladies.


I’ve also been busy with many swap gifts for my snarksky secret pal. She’s gotten her box by now but I”ll have to wait to post the photos till after everybody has opened there packages.

I can show this cute little bookmark that I made for another lady on Crochetville for her birthday. I got this pattern from the free patterns on the ‘Ville here. These came out so cute. I may make somemore someday for gifts.


I’ll do a post soon with all the secret pal stuff I made.


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November Catch up.

This has been a very busy month. I’m just going to catch everything for the month up in one post.

First off my MIL passed away this month. She will be missed alot. She had battled Lupus for over 20 years and she finally was tired of fighting. She did have a real good few weeks at the end and went peacefully in her sleep.

I did manage to get a few things done this month.

I made this Ginny gingerbread girl doll from the December issue of Crochet World. I found many projects in here to make. I have also started the gingerbread doily pictured on the cover and later I’ll show the tree topper angel I made from this issue.


Of course now my DD wants one. hahaha I gave her to my Niece for Christmas. She just turns 2 on Dec. 13.

This is the tree topper angel from that same issue Crochet World. I still need to stiffen her and glue her halo on but I needed to get her on the tree so I’ll have to wait to do that. hahaha.


I also got 2 lapghans assembled from the Charity Blitz squares.

This one is all the purple squares.

Purple lapghan


And this one is with all the yellow squares.

yellow lapghan


I hope to get 2 more lapghans done then deliver them to the Nursing home in time for them to go as Christmas presents to some residents. I wish I had enough for everybody there but I’m only one person so I’ll just keep plugging along. 🙂

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These ghans will hypnotize you!

This ghan is totally addicting! Or maybe it just tricks you into by hypnotizing you :lol

I saw this ghan done by a lady on Crochetville and immediately went hunting for the book to make one too. Little did I know I was going to make so many of them :lol

I started with one for my Niece that is due in Feb. 2009. I needed a baby blanket idea and thought this would be a good one for a baby.

I used “I Love This Yarn” in Rose and White.


This one I made for my other Niece. (the sister of the baby she couldn’t be left out) I used “I Love This Yarn” in Peach and Ivory. While I was making it my Niece just stared at me working on it and smiled when I showed it to her so I decided that was the one for her. LOL.


I’m starting on my 3rd one already. I’ll post a photo of it when I finish it.

This is a real easy pattern and they work up so fast. I’m totally addicted to them but after this 3rd one for my daughter I’ll probably only make one more for a Nursing Home Lapghan then quit them for awhile. But I bet I’ll be making more at a later date. Lol!


Speaking of Nursing Home Lapghans I did get the Blue squares joined and bordered from the Charity blitz on the ‘Ville! It’s taking me longer than I thought it would to get these all joined but I hope I can get them done by December so I can deliver all the ghans to the Nursing home for the holidays. I only have 3 more to go.

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The Shawler.

I was gifted the pattern for The Shawler from a super great elf in the Holiday’s in July wish list. I love this. I made 2 of them. One for me and one for my Mom for her birthday.

This is the one I made for me using the Sensations Rainbow Boucle in the purple colorway. I love how this yarn striped itself.

I made this one for my Mom out of Dusty Blue Homespun yarn.


The purple one is so light and yet warm with that Rainbow Boucle. I can’t wait to wear it!

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2 more Nursing Home lapghans finally done!

I’ve finally gotten some more lapghans for the nursing home done. I got the motifs from the Summer Lace lapghan joined and bordered. The Bon Print varigated yarn is really hard to photograph. The flash washes it out so I had to shoot it without it.

I went real bold with this one lol. I hope it makes somebody feel cheery when they wrap themselves up in it. the pattern for this is in the Crochet with heart book. It is my 3rd pattern from the book.

I had started another one called the soft hearts for baby (pictured on the left) but I just really didn’t like the yarns I was using so the first strip of it I finished became a scarf to be donated to a yet unknown charity. The one on the right was the start of a baby blanket but I just wasn’t digging the colors for a baby so I turned it into a scarf. lol It too is waiting for a charity to go to. They are kid size so I’m sure I’ll come across one soon.









This one is made from the green squares the ladies from Crochetville sent me for the August Charity Blitz. They sure sent some lovely squares!

These have also been updated on my nursing home project page.

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Charity Blitz count.

Well August is over and the squares for that month from the Charity blitz are trickling in. I ended up with 102 squares from 6 laadies on Crochetville.  August was my charity for the Blitz. I am taking any color or design of 8 inch squares to make into lapghans for the Nursing Home. I hope to have a bundle of them to give them in December to hand out as Christmas presents.

I’ll get 6 more lapghans out of the 102 squares and I have 6 I’ve made so I hope to get a few more made by then.

September’s Charity is for a hospital and they need preemie burial gowns. A very sad thing, hopefully they give the family some comfort knowing a stranger made the gown for them with their own hands. These are the 7 I’m sending out at the end of the month.



On a lighter note. I’ve started a placemat set for our table. I put the pattern for it up on my pattern blog.  I’m using the Handicrafter cotton and sugar n cream for it.

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Crochetville Crochet Greek Games

We had our own form of the Olympics on Crochetville. It was the Crochet Greek Games and everybody that wanted to participate had to pick a project that would be a challange for themselves and get it done from starting when the opening ceremony started to putting down the hook when the flame went out.

I picked a filet that I designed for my challange. I had only done filet one other time and that was a long time ago. While I don’t think it’s that hard. The project turned out to be way bigger than I thought and I also had to spend a day tweeking my pattern I made but I got it done and got a gold medal for it. I might even win a prize!


It turned out to be 34 x 37 inches and used up 1500 yards of size 10 thread.

I don’t know what I’ll do with it since it came out so big LOL!! I did make a couple mistakes in it and will have to try to fix them but for now it’s done. This made my eyes go cross from all the open spaces in it. LOL.

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Been a slow crochet month for me.

 It’s been a slow crochet month for me.

I got 2 of the Tunisian blocks for the CAL on Ravelry done. I finished my May one and got the pattern up on my crochet ramblings blog and whipped up a June block. Now to start my July block.

May Tunisian block.

I took the photo of the block upside down so the picture is upside down to show the block right side up. 🙂 I’ve posted this pattern on my pattern blog. I like how the variegated in Tunisian comes out but it drives me a little nuts that you can tell where I had to join the new yarn. I don’t know why the pattern of the yarn changed so much but there it is. I might suggest making sure you start with a full skein so that doesn’t happen. 🙂


June Tunisian block

This one was real easy to make but I made it a little too small so I’ll have to add some border to the sides and hope it looks alright in the finished afghan.

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Hooded scarf and odds and ends.

After working so much on the CRWs I wanted to do a quick project so I whipped up this hooded scarf from Crochet Today magazine. I love it but boy it gave me fits. I think I’ll make some more for Christmas gifts and they shouldn’t be so troubling next time.

Front view.


Side veiw.


This is going to my best friend in Iowa. I still have to weave in the ends but otherwise it is finished. Next I need to try my hand at a tea cozy for her husband. 🙂

I’m trying to clear up a few other things before we start the Crochet Games during the Olympics on the ‘Ville.

The Crochet games is where you pick a project you want to do that is challanging to you and try to finish it from the start of the Olympics to the end of them. There will be some prizes and virtual medals for the crochet atheletes. I’m doing a filet with our wedding date and DD’s birthday on it.

I’ve got the squares ready to be assembled for another lapghan for the nursing home. The Charity blitz on the ‘Ville is making squares for me for the lapghans in August, so I will be very busy assembling them in the next few months. I hope to make a big delivery in the beginning of December for Christmas presents for as many of the residents as I can.

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Color them DONE!!

Finally I have finished my Cathedral Rose Windows.

Yes, I did 2 of them at the same time and finished them 12 days apart and I want to do some more in other colors but I think I’ll wait. This is one pattern that amazes me that I’m not tired of after doing 2 of them.

I want to get better photos of them but they are so big that this will have to do till I can figure out a better way to get a photo from over head more.

CRW #1


CRW #2


And the 2 of them together in my front yard.


I’m really amazed how someone can come up with patterns like this! They are truely talented people.

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